Choi Ji Woo Balances Husband and First Love Hilarity in Teasers for Second Time Twenty Years Old

I’m wondering if audiences of old school Hallyu dramas will get whiplash if they were to check out Choi Ji Woo is upcoming tvN drama Second Time Twenty Years Old? She was best known for Winter Sonata, Beautiful Days, and Stairway to Heaven, all stupidly plotted addicting melo fests, yet she’s come so far now to break free from her queen of tears moniker and show off her bright and bubbly side which I’ve come to love. It really does reflect her real life personality as seen on variety shows like Grandpas Over Flowers.

While Choi Ji Woo is the titular lead of the drama, going back to being twenty years old not literally through time travel or body swapping but instead just going back to college as a freshman, she’s got two solid male leads in Lee Sang Yoon and Choi Won Young to further showcase her sassy and derpy side. Case in point, the two new drama teasers with the male leads had me in stitches it was so funny. In one Choi Won Young as the hubby angrily blows his lid when he finds out his wife is a student at the college where he teaches, and in the other Lee Sang Yoon’s nostalgic voiceover about his first love is cross-cut with clueless Choi Ji Woo trying to get his attention. So funny!

Guy teasers for Second Time Twenty Years Old:


Choi Ji Woo Balances Husband and First Love Hilarity in Teasers for Second Time Twenty Years Old — 20 Comments

  1. So she is married to someone in the same university? and she is also lee sang yoon first love who also works in the university\or a student?

    • Not exactly…

      Her husband divorces her. Then she decides to go back to uni and live that part of life she skipped because she was busy being a young mom.

      It just happened that the uni she enrolls in is where her ex-hubby and first love work.

      (This is what I read from other blog posts)

  2. So tats where LJY from I Remember You disappeared to! Lol. Will need to get used to seeing him change from a psychotic role to a funny one.

  3. I am definitely checking this out. It looks marvellous. Kind of very sad that Oh My Ghostess is ending very soon though …

  4. Nice one.. Looking forward to it. The actor playing her ex in this drama is all over the supporting roles. He was the helpful secretary in Kill me Heal me and the psycho in Hello Nonster.

  5. Choi ji woo looks like the same in Winter Sonata’s high school character. She aged gracefully and looks young. I like her very much and finally she gets role that fits her personality

  6. PLEASE – How many more middle-aged actresses are they going to give us going back to college! ENOUGH already. Did this production team has not heard that it has been done many times before? BORING…..

  7. twenty years again/second time years old would became my top k-drama 2015 and perhaps my best k-drama ever, really worth to watch. it made me cry and laugh and hearth-warming in the same time,it’s not ordinary romance-comedy typical story but merely can inspire your life though

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