KBS Eyeing Kim Yoo Jung and Lee Hyun Woo for Upcoming Mon-Tues Drama Cheer Up

I’m thoroughly entertained by the new KBS Mon-Tues drama Eccentric Daughter-in-law (aka The Virtuous Bride). It’s basically a sitcom airing for one hour during the prime time spot, and for that actually delivers the laughs aplenty. But the drama is slated to run for only 12-episodes, which is perfect to run through the conflict and make the leads fall in love without tacking on additional unnecessary angst as time filler. That does mean KBS needs to have the successor drama ready now to premiere by mid-Sept.

That drama was originally supposed to be Descendants of the Sun, which clearly is NOT going to happen based on the pace of its production coupled with earlier leaks that the drama was likely going to be pushed back to 2016. KBS is readying another teen drama along the lines of Who Are You: School 2015 for that time slot, but this time with a hopeful rather than dour mood. High school cheerleading drama Cheer Up is tentatively slated to follow Eccentric Daughter-in-law, and like School 2015 getting child actress prodigy Kim So Hyun as the female lead, Cheer Up is looking to land Kim Yoo Jung as the female lead.

Helming Cheer Up will be two KBS veterans, the PD directed Trot Lovers (Lovers of Music) while the screenwriter wrote Mandate of Heaven (Fugitive of Joseon). In addition to Kim Yoo Jung, the production is reportedly looking to land Lee Hyun Woo as the male lead. Now that would be an awesome drama pairing of Kim Yoo Jung and Lee Hyun Woo in a high school chaste sweet romance. Cheer Up depicts a high school cheerleading squad and the students involved who try to balance their success and love of cheering with the pressures of the Korean academic framework.


KBS Eyeing Kim Yoo Jung and Lee Hyun Woo for Upcoming Mon-Tues Drama Cheer Up — 14 Comments

  1. I thought that LHW was doing Murim school? or did he turn that down? because I doubt that he would want to do two high school dramas within span of months.

    Anyways they would be cute together but I honestly would rather see KSH and KYJ do a high school drama together than pairing them with older guys:/

  2. Kim Yoo Jung and Lee Hyun Woo in a drama together? Oh this could be good! What worries me is the fact that the drama needs to be ready mid-Sept. How can they do that!?

    They would’ve to start filming latest in early September to have at least two episodes ready.

  3. And here Iwas hoping for Ji Soo to get paired up with Kim Yoo Jung. I just want my thwarted ship to be revived.

    On the other hand, I love Lee Hyun Woo.

  4. wow, that’s a tight schedule….they are both crazy talented and would be adorable together though I wish KBS didn’t mess up its teen dramas so.

  5. Absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Kim Yoo Jung but I don’t know about this drama. The premises doesn’t seem very promising to me but I do applaud her for staying true to her age. I don’t want her to grow up too fast, but at the same time I don’t want her to get stuck. I don’t think that will ever happen to someone like Kim Yoo Jung and the magnitude of possibilities in her versatility.

  6. Jisoo needs more attention lol. But I’m happy for them though I really need my Joongki fix soon. It’ll be fine if the quality’s good.

  7. Kim yoo Jung I wait this movie. I’m Sarah no. 1 fan. may I ask you I wish you study and college for more successful from you and be gorgeous god bless (fighting) saranghaeu

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