Popular C-novel Silent Separation Getting K-drama Remake Along the Lines of C-drama My Sunshine

This is a project I’ve been expecting Korea to remake, and now the watch is on as rumors have started that popular Chinese novel Silent Separation will for sure be getting a K-drama adaptation. The Chinese market has already adapted to novel twice – the first time into the C-drama My Sunshine with Wallace Chung and Tang Yan, and subsequently into the movie You Are My Sunshine with Huang Xiaoming and Yang Mi. I really enjoyed the C-drama even if it was a whole lot of minor angst stretched out into 40 episodes. Wallace made it all watchable while Tang Tang was just serviceable enough to carry her side of the load.

The story is about a pair of college lovers who are separated due to circumstances and misunderstandings, with each carrying a torch for the other which reignites again when they are reunited years later. The rumors claim the drama will air on MBC and star Lee Jong Seok and Park Shin Hye, with the second leads being Krystal of f(x) and Jo In Sung. At this point the former is highly likely, while the latter will happen when pigs fly LOL. I’m sure the rumored casting choices are just wishful thinking, but it does get me excited about who could possibly play the charismatic and broody male lead He Yi Chen. Wallace was basically perfect casting in looks and acting aura, he’s going to be a high bar to match up to.


Popular C-novel Silent Separation Getting K-drama Remake Along the Lines of C-drama My Sunshine — 79 Comments

  1. Oh boy…… knowing K-dramas, they’ll add unnecessary drama into the story….. Birth secret, illness, and more misunderstandings…. Oh no…

    And I loved how the C-drama didn’t give the couple too much misunderstanding except for the breakup…. I loved how understanding Wallace’s character became after… He didn’t believe the ex and the couple became happy and worked together to be happy….

    Oh man, oh man….

  2. Jo In Sung as second lead to Lee Jong Seok??? LMFAO, that makes the whole casting rumor a load of bullshit. I’ll wait for the real deal before caring.

  3. why would they cast PSH and LJS so soon together after they’ve just headlined a drama together? i may be in the minority here but i am not a fan of re-pairing actors and actresses up so quickly. i like variety in my dramas and being pleasantly surprised by leads with sizzling (even better when it’s unexpected) chemistry.

    • It was ok for Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum to do back to back dramas and both dramas were good

      but here there is no way LJS/PSH will do another drama together right after their dating rumours.

  4. Another remake of some of my fave cdrama to kdramas. Urghh. Still getting migraine after the disappointing remake of In Time with you. They buthcered a perfectly good drama….

    And Jo In Sung as 2nd lead, not-bloody-likely! He will most likely play He yichen than be 2nd lead. But if they are gunning for same aura as Wallace Chung I pretty much can see Lee JungJae or his bestie Jung WooSung for that role. But I am crossing my fingers for Gong Yoo for casting, cause he really needs to come back to dramaland…
    and as for mosheng, i wish Jung Yumi for the role or yoon eunhye. They would be perfect for the role. If not them, then maybe hong soohyun or sohn yejin.

    Anyway I hope they get teenage actors to play the younger counter parts as opposed to getting just same actors playing themselves. And for kwak siyang and joo dayoung comes to mind for roles in college days…

    • I’d rather have Jo In Sung and Park Shin Hye lol…he can pull off the angst well..he won’t even be offered this role I guess..
      Though I’d love to see Krystal again on screen.Loved her on heirs.

    • I think in time with you went wrong with the casting…I watched the original version and the guy was so much better…also the way he portrays his emotions ..it made sense why he held back..while lee jin wook was kind of unattainable/could not get behind that wall that his face is..expressionless kind of.Also it could be the problem of the writing.

      • It is mostly the writing. While i still think bolin chen is a better actor than lee jin wook, i still think LJW would have been able to do the role well, his acting chops in Nine and INR2 can attest that he can act.
        The major flaw was the change is story and character, and for me that sole points rest solely on the writers. They made HJW’s character childish, strong and non-modern female as opposed to the taiwan version. While they made LJW’s character as solely lacking drive and depth as opposed to how DaRen was. It was a pain to watch, the korean version. And as much as i love HJW, i could not take how irritating she was making her character out to be. Dropped it at episode 4 and picked up at episode 15 to see how they will get the besties together. And man it was still disappointing beyond belief. It did not have the same emotional punch as the Taiwan version. So yup the writing sucked. Big time!!!

      • And both of the aforementioned actors had meaty roles – not your typical nice guy second lead. The thought of Jo In Sung playing second fiddle to Lee Jong Suk is the funniest thing I’ve read on the internet all year.

    • …..child, do you even know how huge a star Jo In Sung is? Because then you would know why the notion is so preposterous.

    • Jesus Christ! What an attitude! Is that what we should expect from now on? Think again and more carefully please! CTH was far from second lead in Producers ( the writer just fooled tne young and the naive, that’s all) and KRW did all the acting in LMH’s first movie (and that’s why he was there, imo)
      But JIS is super-star in both acting and looks and has lasted through time. New fans should learn how to behave. This comment is so rude and at the same time uber ignorant. You didn’t even think it through before posting it, right? 🙁

  5. I like the drama though one of major drawback everytime i watched Cdramas was they never clarified problems/clear the misunderstandings. Do we have to assume they explain things but just behind the scene or something. I meant about the kids and why she got married, did he finally understand the reason why? or he just dont want to listen to her and accept it no matter what? I know there’s one time when they finally talked but i dont think they talked about his first marriage. There’s many cdramas i’ve watched that skip stuff like explanation unlike kdramas. Do we have just to assumed they cleared the misunderstanding or they just accept each other even though they still have misunderstanding?

  6. Lol, this casting rumour is so funny. How can they call JIS as LJS’s second lead? And I’m sure that LJS and PSH can’t do a drama together again for a while. I heard that JIS is doing a movie called The king. Is it true?

      • They want them in everything and always bash others if they disagree with them ,makes it hard to like them

      • As one of their shipper they don’t want their reunite after that saesang article from dispatch cause they know these kind of things affect their relationship badly….. And they are sure both of them never accept to work in another drama or movie toghther at least for a long time!

      • @Shade – considering the number of times I have seen you bash people for liking certain actors’ performances or speaking positively of them, that is VERY rich coming from you.

        And judging by what I’ve seen, even the most ardent LJS/PSH shippers accept that there is no way they’ll ever do another acting project in the wake of their dating rumours.

  7. Omg, lee jong seuk and park shin hye reunion? I know it’s just a rumur, but i’m excited, they have wonderful chemistry

  8. Park Shinhye-Lee Jongsuk shippers are the new Park Shinhye-Jung Yonghwa shippers. Irritating and annoying as fu*k. So much delusions going on.

    • LOL. who’s shippers that aren’t delusion???? I see Dalin shipper r least delusional even Dispatch caught them. LOL. At least Jongshin have a lot evidences that reporters provide more than Yongshin. LOL.

  9. shin hye shoud do some kick-ass role for her comeback ^_^ this one seems like inoocently-melo character. she has had enough melo

  10. If park and Lee can make it through these people and haters they will last for a long time. It is not their fault they are well received and loved. They don’t need to media play

      • you got that right…. i am not sure if there is anyone in kdramaland who can play He Yichen…wallace even surpass the yichen in the novel. he was so so perfect for that role.

  11. LOL, I burst out laughing seeing Jo In Sung as second lead. As if he would have to be a second lead again with his top star status. But I don’t have much faith in remakes anymore, most of them are messy.

  12. Oh please no more PSHn in collage, school uniform thing..let her try somethings different this time…she need to show versatility

  13. LJS and PSH YES PLEASE!! I know its too soon especially with the whole ‘they are probably dating’ but their chemistry is off the charts!! I would love too see the pair play a more angst couple role! Krystal… no thanks I liked her in Heirs but thats the kind of roles/dramas she needs to stick to… you know the air head bubblegum characters.
    JIS… like HELL NO!!! I agree him playing 2nd lead to LJS is the funniest thing EVER!!!

  14. May be the only one who deserves JIS as the second lead is won bin but I realy love to see the impossible reunite of ljs and psh! Btw I heared that ljs has finalized a movie but no official statement yet so no drama for a while.

  15. The male lead was pretty violent in this drama. He was literally attacking her, lije wtf??…dont know how is that acceptable in taiwanese and c dramas where in Korea we flip with a hand grabbing alibe, which is also unacceptable to me by the way ‘!!

    • Yeah I agree his character was very possessive and protective of her.. I guess chinese viewers enjoy that type of male lead.. Prime example Sealed with a Kiss was such a disturbing drama for me but it was such a success…

      • IKR? I happened to see a scene of that drama, sealed with a kiss, and the lead actor literally bit the girls.lips until she was bleeding!! What in the world.. I think it would be a good idea for koala to write a post about the so called angst in some c and t dramas and why people like them and turn them into success.. Im really curious!!

  16. Ljs is way too young. Should look for actors aged 30-35. Wallace is perfect, except he looks older than the novel character (aged 28). Jo in sung is the most perfect fit.

  17. Ugh. That casting rumor is so stupid. Jo In Sung as a 2nd lead. Ha!Never! The netizens who spawned that should have their drama watching licenses revoked for a year! And I hope LJS doesn’t take this either as it sounds exactly like the kind of drama I hate. Angst for the sake of angst with no real plot or reason to it. No thanks.

  18. Prefer to see JIS with PSH in a comedy/action pack drama or movie similar to Mr & Mrs Smith…. now that would be worthwhile waiting for a change!!!
    Both of them are capable actors if given a solid scrip and a PD reknowned for his expertise in this type of drama/movie…..

  19. these are not even rumors just ideas. y’all mad over something so impossible it’s so fun to watch. r y’all always this childish? psh/ljs shippers are laughing at this.

  20. seems like PSH is HOT commodity lately.her name has been attacted to two popular chinese dramas remake…girl must be really HOT in china.

  21. This is not a casting rumor but fans wishlist. They wish/want/hope for these actors to be casted. There is really no need to over-react..

  22. LJS as He Yicheng is about as ridiculous as rumours can get. He doesn’t fit the role at all. And JIS playing second fiddle? Hahaha… But oh wells, I’m pretty sure the casting directors know better than that. I can’t see the story appealing to the Korean audience though. The central conflict is so minor that they’ll probably get sick of the endless dragging and all.

    • my exact thoughts. Hahahahaha. LJS is a huge far cry from the character He Yicheng, and the story plot doesn’t seem to be something korean views would like to watch.

  23. I’m just hoping they go older than someone LJS’s age to play the lead. I don’t want a man child playing that role.

  24. LOL I can’t even imagine JIS as a second lead. And to LJS? No offense. I don’t have problems with him but…haha.

    Am I the only one who wants to see a Baek Sunghyun and PSH reunion? Yup. I may be the only one.

    So can we have Go Soo as the lead?

  25. Great news! Thanks for sharing.

    I’d love to watch the Korean adaptation of the drama, and hey, it may even be a little bit tighter than the C-drama, which clocked in at 32 episodes and clearly stretched things too much!

    Loved Wallace Chung as He Yichen. Can’t wait to see who would play the Korean version of this great characers, and it has to be someone with gravitas. If they picked the above actors (LJS and PSH), that would be a complete travesty.

  26. I really like the Chinese drama version though, I personally don’t think that anyone else can do a better job. Especially Wallace Chung, he set the standards way too high. If they get an actor to replace him it has to be an older actor not someone around the age of Lee Jong Suk (too young to suit the role). Even if the acting is good it just wouldn’t match the characterization of the novel. And for Tang Yan’s Korean counter part it has to be someone who can pull off the role without looking too annoying. Tbh I’m glad Tang Yan got the role because she is one of the only actresses that can play annoying characters without making you give up the drama. I don’t want Park Shin Hye as the Lead I saw her in ‘Flower Boy Next Door’ and the character she played made me give up the drama. It’s cause she didn’t suit the role (not because of her acting). Therefore for the roles I wished it would be decent actors who suit the characters of the novel and c-drama. Personally I think Jo In-sung and Moon Chae-won would look good as the leads. And if Krystal were in the drama I wished she played the ‘model’ and not the ‘non blood related sister’cause she would suit the model. But again I want someone within the age frame because these characters are not teenagers or in their early 20’s but in their late 20’s to 30’s.

  27. just no LJS. i’m a big big biggest fan of this novel and wallace.. so i dont want any ‘random’ actor to act as Yi Chen. ught.. noooo.. sorry LJS fan, but wallace is too perfect. we need a senior actor who knows acting. well.. JIS as Yi Chen, i wont complaint. but LJS.. huft

  28. yeah it has to be someone who is senior and has many experiences in order to act as Yi Chen. Wallace set the bar really high, as i prefer the drama rather than the movie. hoping to get someone who is more senior for this cast

  29. Ohh please no, not PSH i really really get creeps if i think that she will play the female lead. Chinese silent separation was like whoaa… Totally loveable and for me seemed closely also tied with the Cnovel. So i am afraid even to think when Korean scriptwriters get their hands to this and specially the leads they choose. BBRRRRBbbbbbb

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