First Teasers for She Was Pretty Splits the Main Cast into Comedic Couples

Rounding the corner is the first big three network prime time rom-com in a good long while, with She Was Pretty taking over the Wed-Thurs slot on MBC from Scholar Who Walks the Night. I think MBC is currently on the same trend when it comes to drama teasers, as the two teasers for SWP remind me a lot of the comedic and charming vibe of the teasers for MBC weekend drama My Daughter Geum Sa Wol. It doesn’t show any plot scenes but plays up the great chemistry between the lead characters.

The first teaser has leads Hwang Jung Eum and Park Seo Joon drinking coffee and watching a romantic show on TV, and the just released second teaser shows second leads Choi Si Won and Go Joon Hee also sitting on the sofa watching TV. But the interactions are totally different in a good way, heralding bits of their character personalities and dynamic. Choi Si Won is especially hilarious, which doesn’t surprise me since he did the same to great effect in King of Dramas. Even if SWP doesn’t end up being as topnotch as I would like, at least it’s the increasingly rare rom-com with a full cast that seems suitably assembled for this story.

Teasers for She Was Pretty:


First Teasers for She Was Pretty Splits the Main Cast into Comedic Couples — 15 Comments

  1. OMG I’m already loving Siwon’s character in this. I have so missed his hilarious antics since KOD. Also that scruff, YUM.

  2. check me in. i love PSJ and HJE and also liked siwon in KOD and as idol..btw maybe HJE is not the most pretty acress but she really act better than those pretty idols who doesn’t know how to act..

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