Shivery Posters and New Stills Hint at the Creepy Undertones of The Village

One side benefit of Moon Geun Young choosing the SBS corpse mystery thriller The Village (Achiara’s Secret) as her next drama is all the great flashbacks to one of her best movies in The Tale of Two Sisters. She wasn’t anywhere near being the lead, not with Im Soo Jung, Uhm Jung Ah and Kim Gab Soo around, but that was a true ensemble piece where every character was important ergo having the best actors cast was essential. I feel the same goes with The Village, where both the nice and and naughty at first blush are more than each seems, and secrets abound everyone that may or may not end up with people six feet under. That requires nuance and breadth, and I hope the entire cast delivers and has chemistry. The drama released two official posters recently, the more eyecatching one being Moon Geun Young with a hazy backdrop being pawed by corpse arms. Yikes! This drama better not have any zombies! I kid of course, the corpse hands are metaphorical representations of all the dead souls residing in The Village with secrets that will soon be unearthed with outside Moon Geun Young’s arrival to shake things up. Continue reading

Moon Geun Young and Yook Sung Jae Lead the Script Reading for SBS Drama The Village

SBS just released script reading pictures for upcoming Wed-Thur drama The Village, which might not have such a high ratings buffer when it premieres in October what with currently airing Yongpal‘s noticeable drop in quality and ratings. It’s been low ratings across … Continue reading

Leading Ladies of Upcoming SBS Dramas: Moon Geun Young in The Village, Shin Se Kyung and Jung Yumi for Six Flying Dragons

Yoo Ah In is currently having it all with his hit movie and drama career, starting from Secret Love Affair last year to Veteran and The Throne (Sado) this year. Up next for him is headlining the SBS Mon-Tues sageuk drama Six Flying … Continue reading