Moon Geun Young and Yook Sung Jae Lead the Script Reading for SBS Drama The Village

SBS just released script reading pictures for upcoming Wed-Thur drama The Village, which might not have such a high ratings buffer when it premieres in October what with currently airing Yongpal‘s noticeable drop in quality and ratings. It’s been low ratings across the board with most prime time dramas these last two years so The Village shouldn’t be expecting to ride Yongpal’s unexpected success, and will hopefully pull out its own reason to watch with an excellent story and riveting acting.

With that said, the cast does feel like one glaring person out of place, not 100% woefully miscast since I don’t know what his role will be in the overall story, but does feel a bit too much too quick. I’m talking about rising young idol actor Yook Sung Jae landing the leading man role in this drama, and opposite Moon Geun Young no less. I like Yook Sung Jae, and he was definitely one of the highlights in his last drama Who Are You: School 2015, but simply liking a promising young actor doesn’t mean I need to blindly clap over his leapfrogging casting to male lead of a prime time drama. For now I reserve my opinion, but feel mildly relieved that at least visually he looks good placed next to Moon Geun Young.

Of course once the drama airs Yook Sung Jae could turn in a groundbreaking performance, and make it seem like he was the only perfect actor to play the role, but without seeing the end project there are just so many unknowns floating around. Sigh, at least he’s not as lacking in onscreen charisma as the last rising actor to be thrust too early into leading man status, namely Ahn Jae Hyun in Blood after simply not sucking in You From Another Star and You’re All Surrounded.


Moon Geun Young and Yook Sung Jae Lead the Script Reading for SBS Drama The Village — 29 Comments

  1. I think it s good that YSJ is the male lead; so i can be sure that the drama will focus on MGY. When the drama has leads at the “same level,” 9 out of 10 the writer would give female lead a crap role just to please a lead actor and his fans

  2. His name is ON JOO WAN btw. I think he’s quite talented. It’s too bad he’s playing second lead to a rookie idol in this drama.

  3. Moon has a baby face and YSJ actually looks pretty mature here so I think they’re compatible in looks. More than anything, I hope the script for the show is good. I really want Moonie to participate in a good drama.

  4. So another idol takes a major/leading role. -_- Really? Don’t they have better actors who are actually actors who were given a chance? Or is the Kdrama world desperate for ratings; therefore, they have to take in an idol. I mean, I am not against all idols because some can act. I just feel bad for the actors who are actually actors who continues to lose roles from idols. 🙁 One of the main reason of my disinterest in this drama already but (sigh) oh well. I am rooting for MGY and veteran actress, Shin Eun Kyung!!!

  5. I actually think Sungjae cast here not so shocking/undeserved like what everyone thought. It may be fast but not really a high jump like Ahn Jae Hyun and Nam Joo Hyuk. Both model-turn-actor never even had a second lead roles before jumping into main lead. Sungjae played one of the main roles in Plus Nine boys and a second lead in School2015.

    I think the fact that he’s an idol, look young and that his co-star is Moon Geun Yong are the reasons why it seems unfitting. He got hated when he got second lead on School2015 while NJH get less hate because he’s not idol and Sungjae proved them wrong after the drama aired. I hope he can once again prove them wrong. I read about YSJ character here and found it so fitting to him and I believe he can do a good job and MGY look so young anyway.

    I hope the writing is good because MGY and YSJ deserve it.

  6. The writer is known as heavy melo with mature concept. And based on the synopsis that I read in Dramabeans, it will be intense, thriller and dark. Maybe the writer wanna have nostalgia with her writing in Que Sera Sera where Eric was also an idol-actor that’s why they cast him lol.

    • Que Sera Sera was my first drama ! I loved so much Eric Moon in this drama !

      For YSJ we can’t predict but in We Got Married he played the young and innocence card, so it’s more difficult to imagine him in this kind of story.

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  8. So you’re staying quiet Ms Koala about Yoon Eun Hye’s plagiarism? I hoped you, of all the people, would call her out. Disappointing.

  9. I really don’t think they look good together. He looks too young. It’s not even about his age, but I’m not sure he can convince me he’s an actual adult. He’ll probably do a decent job, and in general I have no issue with idol casting, but I’m sure a lot of lesser known actors are shaking their head at this mess.

  10. Preference can be bring such a difference.I am thinking they could actually make a balance..umm sung jae’s not looking so much young to me..he’s carrying a grave look which suits the character.I wish people could give this drama a chance before passing comments.

  11. maybe the girl is just looks old thats why sungjae looks too young … when I watch new journey to the west , real police officer in china looks like the same age as sungjae around 20 years old just like him

  12. i find YSJ as likable and having good acting. He is actually improving from role to another role. I still remember that i have a sixth sense about finding new gem and YSJ is among of the actors that i predict would be successful. Others are Lee Jong Suk(secret garden),kim woo bin(gentleman dignity), siwan(moon embraces sun),kim soo hyun (dream high),joo won(bread,love,dream) and many more.First time i saw sungjae during his debut performance as BTOB member i have feeling for him that he would be successful. Its not that i personally like him but i found him for having x-factor in becoming star. Another idol i predict is V from BTS.
    For female idol that i predict that turn out successful are suzy,eunji and taeyeon based on only their debut performance.

  13. I hope this ends up as a good drama. I’m not anticipating its premiere which I think that’s a good thing. I was so looking forward to Yongpal but I ended up skipping it. Not even an ep watched though I might try it later. So I won’t jinx it. I’ll try. Lol.

    And as much as I’d rather have On Joo Wan as lead, I’ll wait for the drama. It’s a good thing I really like Sung Jae(the kid’s a natural imo). He still has a really long way to go tho. So I hope he makes it believable. And am I the only one who thought of Ren(Skipbeat) from that pic of his?

  14. Well, it’s not like the world is gonna end if YSJ gets to play the main role.Before saying anything bad about him, why don’t you just wait and try to see if he can give justice to the role. Being new and rising star do not define him as an actor. No hard feelings guys, I just want to say that being judgmental is a fact about human, but at least try to control it.Don’t say anything unless tested and proven. You might get the wrong data and end up bad in the eyes of others.

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