Go Lala Go 2 Releases Character Posters and Sets November Premiere Date

A premiere date has been set for upcoming work place romance C-movie Go Lala Go 2, the sequel to the hit movie about a white collar office girl’s search for professional success and personal commitment. Starring Ariel Lin, Vic Zhou, Bolin Chen, and Nana, the movie will hit the theaters on November 11 which is Singles Days in the country. Since Go Lala Go missed out on the August holiday of Chinese Valentine’s Day, I guess Singles Day is an ironic choice for a movie that will hopefully end up with the leads tying the knot. The production released four pretty character posters last week, with taglines that reflect what the leads think when it comes to love. Ariel’s says “The other half of love is adventure”, Zai Zai’s says  “The other half of love is courage”, Bolin says  “The other half of love is conquering”, and Nana’s reads “The other half of love is willful”.


Go Lala Go 2 Releases Character Posters and Sets November Premiere Date — 8 Comments

  1. I’ve always felt Vic looks a lot of Tony Leung, especially in the poster. Somehow I want Ariel to end up with Bolin. Lol. It’s not gonna happen is it??

  2. Bolin is doing so much too me with his half smile and devilish eyes…I need Vic to bring more game…I love you more VIC! I SWEARS IT!

    Ariel reminds me of her Chen You Qing but then the characters sounds similar but I suspect this character to be less successful professionally then YouQing. I’ve not seen the first movie.

    Is Nana’s semi-shocked-face-with-half-open-mouth look a Korean thing? So many of them seem to do it.

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