K-version of Bu Bu Jing Xin Gets Title of Moon Lovers Along with Screenwriter and US Funding

This production really is happening, not that I thought it would die in the water but to see it coming together piece by piece is pretty exciting for a fan of the original source material. The K-drama adaptation of popular Chinese time-traveling period romance novel Bu Bu Jing Xin (Startling with Each Step) has added to the first bits of news from the summer – the drama is still being helmed by PD Kim Kyu Tae (That Winter, the Wind Blows, It’s Okay, It’s Love), and will be fully pre-produced in advance so that it can air simultaneously in Korea and China in early 2016.

Now the project has gotten a new financial backer and a screenwriter to round out the behind-the-scenes team. The production budget is projected to be around 1.5 billion won and will be split between Universal Pictures and Kim Kyu Tae’s production company, making this the first K-drama in a long time to get US funding. Universal also has an eye out to release the K-version of BBJX in the US. Sadly the K-version has gotten it’s own name and will be called Moon Lovers. LOLOLOL forever. Seriously? What a dopey name for this adaptation, the original drama has nothing to do with the moon whatsoever. Way to strip any originality from the title, Korea.

The drama Moon Lovers (har har) also has a scriptwriter joining the team, though of course the writer will be adapting from the Tong Hua novel Bu Bu Jing Xin rather than writing an original script. Screenwriter Jo Yoon Young will be putting pen to paper for PD Kim Kyu Tae, and her previous drama works include Save the Last Dance for Me, Let’s Go to the Beach, and last year’s Secret Love (not the MBC drama Secret but the online drama that starred the girl group KARA).

Casting is reportedly underway for top Hallyu stars, and it’s no wonder the casting rumors keep throwing Jo In Sung‘s name in the mix since he’s a big Hallyu star and worked multiple times with PD Kim before. Song Hye Kyo is working with Kim Eun Sook on a fully pre-filmed drama with Descendants of the Sun so it’s not impossible for Jo In Sung to do this drama. But I’m suddenly getting the hankering for Ji Sung to work with screenwriter Jo again after they did Save the Last Dance, for some reason I think it would be a great challenge for him to play 4th Prince. He’s perfect age-wise and the whole aura is right for him.


K-version of Bu Bu Jing Xin Gets Title of Moon Lovers Along with Screenwriter and US Funding — 87 Comments

      • I agree sageuk doesn’t suit PSH. She was aweful in Royal Tailor but great in Pinocchio.

        As for 4th prince either JIS or JSs great.
        HJW is great in sageuk but we need someone younger to play the female lead.

      • Wait wait wait WHAT???!!! PSH’s name has been dropped for Ruoxi?? Ohnoooooooooo please don’t let this happen…

        Totally agree with JIS and JS, both insanely talented actors who could do an awesome job as 4th (I think JIS might even be able to rock 8th which would be awesome. Can we cast both of them?)

      • Of course as she has more fans than any of my bias.
        I liked her in Pinocchio but she was awful in Royal Tailors.

    • ugh, no not Ha Ji Won, she butchered the last China Remake of In Time with You. Could not even get past the first episode of the Korean Remake.

    • I wanted PSH to do sageuk, mbut i dont think heavy role is suited with her. Maybe is she do some character like LYB in Scholar, mybe she can do it. im not sure how far her talent can go, but maybe it is better if she stick with rom-com.

  1. Moon Lovers ROFL. Is this a sign for Moon Chae Won or Moon Geun Young? Unfortunately both are attached to projects at the moment T-T.

    OMG if it’s like Koala said that Ji sung will be the 4th prince, can we have Lee Bo young as Ruo Xi too!! Since Liu Shi Shi and Lee Bo young are Doppelganger haha and they are the couple korean want to see work together the most. Ji sung will be great though since he proved that he can play anything on KMHM lol. Still sad that he didnt get any award for it

    • LOL yeah LBY. Can’t help but I always think about LBY while remember about Ruo Xi… But then again, a Hallyu Star.. So Maybe PSH again ;(

      Moon Lovers… ???? funny to the hell

    • LOL yeah LBY. Can’t help but I always think about LBY while remember about Ruo Xi… But then again, a Hallyu Star.. You guys can think a name which is very very very popular in China

      Moon Lovers… ???? funny to the hell

  2. I was rooting for the MOONs sister, sadly they’re doing The Village and Goodbye Mr black :'( so can we have HA JI WON for this? she’s Perfect in Sageuk/Historical ☺ and so they’re might cast Hallyu stars, I just hope they don’t cast Park Shin Hye (-_-) Historical/Saegeuk for her is a big NO NO NO NO~

    • I am not sure but I think she is filming her movie with bolin chen …I like Ha ji won also but I think the comment above might be correct maybe its Park Shinhye again which will make me not check it out (no offense to Park Shinye)
      Its just that when I see her she looks like Yoon Eun hye during the Goong days I like YHE first and loyal to her thus its a bit awkward for me to watch any Park Shinye related dramas. Its weird but I really cannot watch her. And before anyone attack me, Park Shinye can take this drama show I am not against it 🙂

      • yes~ I saw that too.. I’m a bit worried bout the casting tho (-_-) Hope they’ll cast an actress/actors who can really pull off this historical/seaguek drama! uugh!

        If its really Park Shin Hye, lol! same goes like you will not make time to check on it 🙂 I’m not impress in her acting skills at all but I’m impress in her dancing skills~ hahaha!

        I don’t find any resemblance between her and Yoon Eun Hye~ YEH is a lot prettier tho (gonna be ready for PSH fans might attack~ LOL) but too bad YEH is in the middle of war about that “Plagiarism” thing! (-_-) well let see who will they cast ^^

      • haha are you throwing shade on YHE about that plagiarism issue? LOL dear I dont care about fashion so I dont care about it. LOL Mass production of goods are every where, even idols and artist looks the same recently, everything is bound to be similar with one another hahahahaha plagiarism what a joke

      • and one more thing I think both YEH and PSH are both pretty okay and can act They both won an award for acting Its just that Kdramas introduce YEH first to me

      • LOL~ just because I mention about that “Plagiarism” thing of her, now I am throwing shade on her? hahaha~ As if its not true, oh dear! even me I don’t Give F! about that Fashion world, just stating that fact tho. Now your over reacting by my short statement “Too bad YEH is in the middle of war about that “Plagiarism” thing!” as if I insult like 100x YEH. LMAO :* and one more thing, YEH is a lot prettier to me tho and YES they both can act, I didn’t say PSH can’t act anyway (^_-) hahahahahahaha. How wonderful 😛

  3. Ji Sung over JIS for the 4th prince. He really is perfect for the role!! As for the main, I love HJW!! However, her age may not be suitable. But then again, Korea drama don’t always follow the original.

  4. What on earth is Moon Lovers? The title itself reminds me of 月光爱人, Liu Wen’s Chinese version of the soundtrack from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Nothing that harks back to the BBJX that I know. Truly hope this does justice to the source material… and not plagued by the curse of recent remake failures. I am putting a great deal of hope for an awesome version that captivates me just as much as the original did and still does.

  5. What the hell is Moon Lover??? gosh I sure really want to smack the person who came up with this stupid ass title, like really???… I swear if they ruin BBJX, ill flip tables but the thought of Ji Sung playing 4th prince makes me want to watch it…

  6. when i read the title, moon sister popped up on my mind..

    moon chae won will do great, she’s one of the best actresses.. and ha ji won has a good history in saeguk dramas..
    park bo young???

    for male lead emm.. go soo? haha.. emm.. ji sung is fine, he was so great in KMHM!

    i cant call other names…
    this drama is adapted from successful Cdrama, so please bring good actors and good scripwriter! good actors are enough since ITWY’s adaptation was so meh, soooo good script + good actors = good drama!

  7. Ji Sung, Jo In Sung, Hyun Bin, Gong Yoo, Park Ki Woong, Jin Yi Han, Go Soo to play a male lead as for female I’d really, really LOVE to see Yoon Eun Hye cause she totally will be perfect for the role or Yoo In Na. 😀

  8. Shin Hye is going back to finish her degree so will most likely not book anymore projects this year, for the haters and fans alike. I don’t understand the nonfans who drag her name into every project, same with overzealous stans.

  9. Gahh.. this is so hard. For me the Chinese Si Ye will always be irreplaceable.. and I honestly could not think of a Korean candidate who could pull off the same level of acting right off my head… Si Ye is loyal, attentive to Ruo Xi, power-hungry, and cruel when necessary, but all of these personality are so deeply hidden inside that you can’t really see past his facade of being cold but polite. I think the closest of performance by a Korean male actor that I can think of is Song Joong Ki in Innocent man. Like he schemes and plans and is cruel when necessary, but when life is cruel to him, he takes in all in and prepares for another attack. And no matter how cruel and cold he is to his foes, he always has a special soft spot in his heart for the girl he loves.

  10. So, the established parameters here become numerous and entangled at the same time !
    The actors attached to this project must:
    1) Be major-league, at the very least.
    2) Have an appeal to korean viewers and bring home good ratings, hence advertisements.
    3) Have a huge chinese fan base
    3) Have stereotypical Asian face features and typical but yet undeniable beauty to attract American audiences.
    4) Speak “sageuk” language fluently and have some(?) experience in period dramas,
    in order to be cast.
    Those who will solve this intriguing puzzle will be the true Masters in K-ent…

      • Yoona does not bring in good ratings – never has. She also has no sageuk experience, so I can’t see how she is the first person to come up in your mind. If she does this, the backlash will be real. Even worse than Cantible Tomorrow.

      • yoona did a chinese historical drama and she got a large fan base in Korea and China. Tho her acting is not best I think she is most likely be the female lead,they like her natural beauty just like Kim Tae Hee. One of the main leads must be exceptional in acting and usually they concentrate on getting male actors with talent.

  11. I don’t understand the haters who keep dragging shin hye name as she is officially offered the role from the production company and keep bad mouthing on her to show that their biases are awesome in comparison to her seriously as a fan for her she will refuse such an offer to avoid comparison to the original adaptation of course the fans of original will compare everything it won’t be something intelligent to take a role beside she will graduate .
    Please keep your speech about your favourites and don’t drag others to satisfy your feelings towards her.

  12. OK, dafuq is Moon Lovers. Couldn’t they just stick with Bo Bo Gyeong Shim or at least something that sounds less cheesy and corny than Moon Lovers or did they decide to adapt Da Mo Yao instead? Lol

    Is Moon Chae Won confirmed to be in that Mr. Black drama? Too bad… Thought she would suit Ruoxi very well, age and aura wise. She is beautiful in hanboks and she can do both bubbly and emo.

  13. No need to bring up park shin hye name to make u feel better about your bias n beside not like your bias can be any better. No one is asking u to watch if psh is cast or her dramas.

  14. at this time suddenly i don’t know which korean actress can pull this off…if they want someone in 20s maybe the male lead would be…
    1. Ji Chang Wook
    2. Kim soo hyun
    3.Jung Il Woo

    for female lead
    1. han hyo joo
    2. park bo young
    3. kim ji won
    4.park min young

    30s male lead
    1. Ji Sung
    2. Jo In Sung
    3. Park Shi Hoo

    30s female lead
    1. Ha Ji Won
    2. Lee Bo Young
    3. Yoon Eun Hye
    4. Jung Yoo Mi

    However, i would not suprise if someone like Park Shin Hye or Yoona would be the female lead. They got huge international fanbase but i dont think they have acting chops for the character. Too bad moon chae won turn down this role. She is the best for this role and we know that she is too talented.

    • Park Min Young crossed my mind too since she just wrapped up filming for the historical C-drama. Not sure if she’d want to do two consecutive historical dramas though, but I’m rooting for her.

    • First of all, Shinhye or anyone didn’t receive the official offers yet… It’s not her fault that drama Kfans want her for the role and is popular in China. Most of her Kfans and Ifans don’t want it. People need to sit down!

      Some of the names mentioned are quite questionable too. Just because you want it doesn’t mean they would fit the role or that what the production think.

  15. JI SUNG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean come on, he would obviously make this show great, regardless of the female lead. Cuz that’s just the way he rolls.

  16. I love the original version, so here’s hoping that the Korean version will at least be at par to it.
    There were 13 princes, right? So is it right to assume that we’ll also get a number of K-actors for the adaptation?

  17. hoho I like the Ji Changwook suggestion– I think he’ll play a very good 8th prince– he has that flair in him

    Park BoYoung would make a good Ruoxi, i believe.

    Jo InSung has the aura, but honestly i don’t think his acting style fits (especially his “intense gaze” look… too much flair and doesn’t fit 4th prince’s subtlety). Anyone thing Jang DongGun might work? I haven’t found something he was in that I liked but I think he can pull it off? o.O I will COUGH BLOOD if they put Lee ByungHun as 4th Prince (since he has a pretty big int’l name)

    The only problem I have atm is whether or not I can really trust this production (no problem with PD, but I’m unfamiliar with scriptwriter– and for this piece, the writing will make or break it)

    • Or scratch that– Jo InSung can be 8th prince (I’m allergic to that gaze thing if you can’t tell by now, but I think he can pull off 8th prince. Just need to be careful and not end up coming off as sleazy ajusshi) and Ji Changwook be 14th prince.

      • I want to second your suggestion since it makes me excited just to consider it – YES YES to Ji Chang Wook as 14th prince, omg so perfect. OR, I can even get behind 13th prince just because a petty Mongolian princess will fall in love with him, and any connection to Empress Ki makes me happy 😀

        I would also love if Park Bo Young played Ruoxi, perfect x 2

        XD XD

  18. If this is a good production, can we have ji chang wook in it please… Just finished healer btw, and now craving over ji chang wook handsome gaze…

  19. oh my! why i am worried abou this,tsk, but since it has US backed funding, i think they won’t mess this up. i super love this drama (thanks to you koala sis!). and i agree that Ji Sung would be great as the 4th prince, weeeeeh! tho, maybe i am just biased but i don’t have anyone in mind to do the other characters. Jo In Sung? i don’t see him on any other prince’s role. 🙁

  20. First of all, Shinhye or anyone didn’t receive the official offers yet… It’s not her fault that drama Kfans want her for the role and is popular in China. Most of her Kfans and Ifans don’t want it. People need to sit down!
    Some of the names mentioned are quite questionable too. Just because you want it doesn’t mean they would fit the role or that what the production think.
    Wait until the official cast come out then bash them. It’s not too late

  21. With these high production cost/funding of this drama, aiming to sell internationally with high price,surely they will cast a-list stars with acting chops, fluent in speaking period drama and most important thing: huge popularity esp. in china and can bring home good ratings.i guess it will be actors in their 20’s:
    1st guess: kim soo hyun and park shin hye.

    other guess: (if in 20’s or senior)
    male: lee min ho/jo in sung
    female: park bo young/ha ji won

  22. Let’s see if they adapt close enough for the characters, here’s what I have in mind. If I still remember the story correctly. HEHEH

    4th prince – JiSung
    He probably will get offered for one of the prince role since they worked together before and jisung acting is getting EVEN MORE recognized after KMHM. I hope he gets 4th prince tho, totally can pull off the romance and vicious towards his brothers for the throne at the same time.

    8th prince – Jo In Sung
    Come on its Jo In Sung ! *Swoon*

    13th prince – Yoo Seung Ho
    BFF & supporter to Ruoxi. I am greedy I know.

    14th prince – Ji Chang Wook/Seo Kang-joon
    Will be engaged/married to Ruoxi in the end? and left behind when she die/travel back. JCW can pull those emotions but I realized he will be going to army soon. So maybe Seo Kang-joon? might be his breakout role if he do it right.

    10th prince – Park Bo Gum/Seo In Guk
    Initially engaged to Rouxi? Fall in love with another princess?
    I think they both have the goofiness fitting for 10th prince character.

    I know we can’t have all big hallyu stars in one show. Therefore I try to balance my list. Of course I have some other favourites in mind but some are in the army, other will be enlist when the drama happen.

    If they really have to cast at least one idol (which is a trend), please let it be 10th prince as it is easier to portray character(least screentime except in the beginning).

    I have a few Rouxi candidates in mind, each different aura and acting style.
    Han Hyo Joo, Kim Ji Won, Sung Yu Ri, Moon Chae Won…

    Can we also have So Ji Sub, Jang Dong Gun, Hyun Bin, PIE…(list goes on) to cameo as the other background princes.

    • I cant help imagining all the names you mentioned above in Qing dynasty outfits.. lol.. Cant stop relating this remake with original Chinese version.. the latter is the best one imo..

  23. i would like to see Goo hye sun as lead actress although not big fan of her but she amaze me in sageuk roles…Even her Heo Nanseolheon documentary sageuk film won award in WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival (North America International Film Festival). I am hoping she get the role

  24. If this drama is gonna be aired by SBS, I thought Park Shin Hye is gonna be the female lead coz she is SBS favorite hallyu star and for the male lead I vote for yoo seung ho coz he is so handsome and has done many saeguk drama before. Their chemistry in so ji sub mv is perfect.

      • Let’s see later,right? We don’t know what happen later yet. Ha ha ha. I’m really curious who’s gonna be the male and female lead. I hope moon lovers is worth of watching. I’m waiting for it.

  25. why do i have a feeling it going to be LMH/SUZY in the lead. they both fit perfect. just like liu shi shi/her old husband. suzy fit the cute type.which liu shi shi is. while LMH fit her old husband. hey maybe after the drama LMH/SUZY can get married like liu shi shi/her old husband too. still think that old dude got liu shi shi pregnat that why she have to married him. there just no way she would married a dude that look like her father/also divorce once. unless she after his money? which i think not.

    • If Lee Minh Ho or Suzy is in this production, then I will not watch it period. Nicky was and still is a very good looking man, they look very nice together. This is why BBJX was so popular in China, they looked great on TV.

      • Why so disrespectful towards LMH and his Girlfriend? totally unwarranted? and some were saying LMH fans are bullies and what not if anything we respect other actors/actresses even tho they sell less there products compared to LMH.

        LMH embody the entertainer spirit full out and always brings viewers to his works and even selling his 2 years or 6yrs old shows. If you want to be an actor you want to be Lee Min Ho period. Your just one fan but I guarantee you that this show with him will get ridiclous rating and overseas fandom which will be the ideal target for the funders but tbh with you LMH will likely decline this kind of show. its just not his cop of tea just going by the way he hand picks his shows and this is certainly not a LMH drama.

        He targets mostly the youth audience domisitcally and overseas with trendy concept shows that is highly entertaining, rollercoaster and epic.

        I could definitely tell you that nobody will tune for it like they would for LMH. just go and check out Dramafever, youku etc etc. his shows are freakishly topping dramafever for straight 2 years and the other one 6 years and still tops current airing shows. Show respect for actors who truely entertain and create passion between themselves and the fans

      • conclusion this drama dosen’t sound interesting tbh with you and most certainly something LMH would decline at first sight

  26. I’ve always wondered if Wallace Huo regret giving up this role and introducing Nicky to it. What a great comeback role it was for Nicky and the love that he met because of it. Fate!

  27. Moon Lovers? That just sounds so cheesy compared to the great Bu Bu Jing Xin. Even with U.S. backing, I’m worried. The writing needs to be up-to-par in order to make a good adaptation of the novel. I hope that whatever time period that is chosen will fit, and that the writing will flow smoothly, rather than pull things out of nowhere.
    As for the actors, I sincerely hope that non-idol actors are chosen for both 4th Prince and 8th Prince. I don’t watch many K-dramas, so I can’t list any names, but the actors needs to be somewhat considerably older than the actress for the K-version of Ruo Xi. (4th Prince and 8th Prince, I would say, are in their late 30s. Both characters have wives and children when Ruo Xi meets them.) The actor for 4th Prince needs to be able to emote with his eyes and his subtle mannerisms and be calm yet vicious. As for 8th Prince, the actor needs to be able to portray a charismatic but calculating man. For the other brothers, I’m fine with idols portraying them, especially 13th Prince, 10th Prince, and 14th Prince. As for Ruo Xi, I have mixed feelings about whether an idol should portray her. Yes, an idol would bring more viewers, but what’s important is her acting skills. If her acting is cringe-worthy, then the whole drama fails.

  28. I don’t understand both of you LOL. Where did the heat come from? Are you sort of fighting or not? LOL anyways. It’s true that YEH had a plagiarism issue but it isn’t proven yet…. and if you really try to do your research on both the dress, it’s totally different.

  29. I’m just not feeling any love for this adaptation. I loved BBJX and thought it was the best drama I’ve ever watched. I can’t imagine how Moon Lovers will do justice to the original BBJX. Just my two cents.

  30. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahaha I just feel like laughing out loud at your teasing the dopey title Moon Lover. I loved the original BBJX but hated the actor playing the 4th prince. I may change my view on the prince if Ji Sung take the role. LOL

  31. i dont know about this i feel like their gonna ruin it. I never like fated to love you remake in korea so i dont know how i feel about this. and please dont have park shinhye act in it

  32. Lord, please let someone who’s good at sageuk… i can’t imagine someone else playing Ruoxi and 4th prince tbh but let’s hope the kdrama version does a good job and not disappoint the huge fanbase.

    And seriously wtf Moon Lovers? Hope that title isn’t finalized

  33. Everyone seems to be harping about it being in saguek…have all of you ever consider it might be adapted to a modern royal family scenario…?

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