Double Take: Suzy and Park Shin Hye Look Like Twins at Separate CF Events this Week

Please tell me that I’m not the only one who did major double takes at the pictures of Park Shin Hye and Suzy attending separate brand CF events this week in Seoul looking like twins from head to toe. Like, seriously from the first strand of hair on their pretty heads all the down to their tiny pinky toe. Okay, maybe their shoes weren’t the same color, and the shade of lipstick was a variation of pinky coral, but overall it was like seeing dopplegangers showing up at different events, with the additional hilarity of the two ladies one being Lee Min Ho‘s girlfriend in real life and the other being his girlfriend in a drama.

It would be an awesome game to put them, while in this get up, with their backs to Lee Min Ho and have him pick which one is his girlfriend and it’s certainly not a slam dunk choice if you ask me. I’ve never thought they look alike in facial features, but when they are wearing visually similar classy black belted winter white dresses, long lustrous waves of brown highlighted hair, and sporting the same chic makeup, it really is shocking to witness the similarity that can stem from the whole package. Let this be a reminder for all the ladies that packaging really does make a huge difference. I’m just glad I like both so much, it would be weird if I liked one and disliked the other and seeing them looking so similar would drive me batty.



Double Take: Suzy and Park Shin Hye Look Like Twins at Separate CF Events this Week — 76 Comments

  1. Omg.. The first pic had me .. May be the angle of the pic make them look similar .. But in others not so much

  2. Wow, the very first side by side photo of them definitely got me! :O They looked like twins on that one at first sight! Looking at the other individual photos of them…not so much, but they do look-alike a bit similar with the same hair style and the white dresses they were wearing. So, you’re not the only, Ms. Koala. πŸ˜€ Interesting, LMH’s reel (drama) girlfriend and real (life) girlfriend, indeed!

    • If they are then Min Ho-sshi needs to get in on the action. For once a threesome that isn’t naughty but is instead nice for everyone’s eyes. His style is… comment.

      • A stylish “threesome”! What a brilliant idea and quite original as well for k-ent…I’d like to see this, LOL!!

  3. lool.. wasen’t he the one who said psh is like his little sister and I just don’t think he was ever into her. LMH was a long time suzy fan.. Thats why they are together. perhaps because of her beauty

  4. Both looking gorgeous. Though i wish they style park shin hye according to her age. Its really sad to see such beauty always in ill-fitted baggy clothes. Although i think she has improved by a little margin. As for suzy, JYP sure treasures and takes much care for her, especially when it comes to styling, i always like the outfits she wear. Also the girl loves lipstick much i guess. Psh makeup seems to be minimal compared to suzy.

    Now that i keep scrolling up and down staring at both their pics. Both look like twin sisters. Both look like dolls. Although psh does have an comfortable aura that put your mind to ease.

    And also i feel it would be awesome if both girls get a chance to meet and become friends. There will be too much prettiness..i would love that. πŸ˜‰

  5. Lol no. He wasn’t romantically attracted towards PSH after Heirs. He said they are like brother and sister. No wonder they had no romantic chemistry in Heirs lol and PSH’s chemistry with LJS in drama was amazing, no wonder they are dating now.

  6. I think Suzy is quite intelligent and she was really mature the way she handled her dating news with LMH when she came on Happy Together and turned people opinion in support of couple.

    • Suzy is intelligent? Is this a joke?
      I like her and think she is pretty and has great personality… But the girl is far from smart… based on what I know about her

    • The person that you said have no brain has become a honer society member of charity by donating hundreds of million yearly to patients with incurable disease. If by called ‘have no brain’ then i become pretty, sucessfull, with hallyu star as a boyfriend who loves me plus a nation first love for my country. I dont mind to be called that way

  7. Can I also add Jung So Min to the mix… I see her resemblance especially with Suzy in that top pic. More so than PSH. They could be triplets hahaha! Then Min Ho WOW wont he be a lady’s man. Kekeke

  8. In the first pic they look a like in the others not so much. Suzy’s beauty is more refined and elegant than psh in my opinion

  9. Park Shin Hye needs to maintain her diet to keep her skinny body but they’re really look like Twin here, is it because of their quite look a like hair style and color or the same color (quite) of their dress?? wew☺

      • not really into her when she’s chubby it made her body look wider esp. her legs..I’m sure you know that Shinhye don’t have those slim legs, well except in her Photo shoot which is full of Photoshopped -_- but glad she manage to be slimmer, and I hope she could maintain it ^^

      • @eunyoon: it’s your opinion, she is fine. She is a log bigger in photos and videos… The girl was small and healthy in real life even if when she gained weight.
        Plus she isn’t here to please you

    • yep, cause I saw her in real life way back when she’s chubbier tho~ ? good to you if she looks fine for your even she’s chubby~^^ and plus I’m not here too, to please her and so you are~ γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹ .. ?

  10. Oh my god.. Just saw park shin hye’s press released video of this fm. The media were like complimenting and taking her pics. They kept saying “Kamsamidha” after taking her photos for press release. Yet they still kept on clicking photos,so she continued standing there. When she was about to leave,they were like,Yes..please go ahead but kept taking her pics So the girl got really flustered and shy with not knowing what to do. Lol. So cute. I keep repeating it. Ppl should check this. It was so funny. haha. Such a cutie.

  11. Suzy is just beautiful from head to foot, no wonder she’s the ‘Nation First Love’and has many fans uncles as UI, Moon Geun Young and Park Bo Young (Nation’s Girls Go Go)

  12. This could have all the makings of an awesome makjang!
    Twins! Seperated at birth! One a famous model! The other a rising actress! Their rivalry!The famous hapless actor caught in the middle! The powerful agencies with their evil agendas! The tearful reunion in the end!

    Okay, it’s already been done a million times but it will be great to see them play sisters in a dreams.

  13. They are both pretty but I don’t like both of the dresses…. Way older for their ages
    But if I have to choose PSH’s slightly better. The back make a difference

  14. You judging one comment as if her comment represent the whole fandom and people who post their opinion here. Be realistic before pointing finger. If you have problem with her opinion then address it to her.
    It’s her own words and her opinion did not represent PSH fandom. Gosh ….

    • Well it is not my bussines, people who came here and read all the comments will know who is the first saying bad thing.
      Advice for suzy’s fans please dont ever say bad thing. Make your fandom looks elegant.

      Bye….. !!!!!

  15. there we go with some fans and their victim mentality, I don’t think it’s PSH’ fans who call Suzy not so smart. it’s already on internet . you just have to Google it.
    ofc, I’m not saying this article is accurate. but it’s annoying how Suzy’s fan act like she is the biggest victim of all the time.
    p.s. Suzy didn’t drop college. she didn’t continue her education.

    • And here come PMY’s fan.
      Didnt have interest doesnt mean she is brainless, dumb or without brain.
      Different people different passion.
      Before you talk with your prove go search more about IQ, intelegent,

      There are numeric, language, kinestetic intelegency etc.
      The most important thing people should know about their passion and dream.

      Ask your master of physycolog …..Bye!!

  16. @IceCream

    Dude.. This type of blog posts are specifically created because they will generate more views and comments cause it hits on the egos of the fans. Don’t just fall in to such traps.

    Also don’t generalise. Just one comment above urs(from Jane), is praising suzy as goddess and going downright calling psh as flat chest n needs photoshop Seems to be a comment from your fellow suzy fan. But is it enough for others to generalize your fandom? Just give it a thought. Don’t always play the victim card. There is clearly diff types of ppl commenting here. You cannot expect everyone to have the same opinion as yours.

  17. I don’t know much about Suzy.
    As for Park Shinhye is a diligent ‘ghost student’, she got GPA 3+ in her study and will be graduating next year
    Percentage Grades
    89–96 2λ“±κΈ‰ / Grade 2
    77–89 3λ“±κΈ‰ / Grade 3

  18. She’s not studying even senior high school no graduate (drop out) congraduation ooops ??congratulation i mean, if you wanna to have big brain and clever, dont go to school but make your face beauty so you automatic clever

  19. I click this because of the amount of comments and got curious. Wow ? bloodbath haha err.. did anyone win? ?

  20. i dont think fans should discuss on their intelligence because nobody knows them personally. people can only look at their they should stop comparing who is intelligent. both have their choices. psh beauty is something that will get more attractive as she age and u will never get bored while suzy is attractive on the first look then you get bored as you look cos its very commercial

  21. Where suzy dress like bathing suit.. she’s forget to change dress after take a bath and run way to fm, as fans you must remembering your bias to bring her brain even take a bath, i just concerned a pity

  22. both are beautiful with different impression. psh is elegant and classy while suzy is just attractive

  23. Well done blogger for creating fan war as if it’s not enough on the internet. Give yourself a pat on the back. More advertisement revenue eh???
    Park Shin Hye has created more memorable characters then most established actresses out there. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and is so superficial. Shin Hye is more than just a pretty face as her guest appearance of 3MAD has proven. Not to mention the amount of charity time and money she had given over the years.

  24. Suzy fans always victimized her. The “no brain” isn’t coming from PSH fans but it’s always been on internet…
    But whatever, keep defend your wall

  25. No matter how bad PSH, she is way better than Suzy’s. I’m sorry. Her fame is big but doesn’t mean she can act.

  26. you changing id to pretend to be different people just to bash her…

    If anyone between between Suzy and PSH that work hard and achieve herself, it’s PSH. The girl has started from bottom at the age of 13, no big agency talking all small roles
    When you talk about Suzy, most people think of luck. Yes she works hard too… But with out luck, she isn’t at where she is right now.

  27. Exactly! I don’t know why they are so proud of it… They are fine now but it will follow her for the rest of her career, even when they break up

  28. about acting i think psh really can act watch all the dramas she acted .watched suzy in dreamhigh okey but u wont feel what c feels.people like me who watch drama not because of who are the but rather go for the storyline and how the actress act woukd psh has the adv when it comes to acting. when i went to US i went with a friend to watch the tailor

  29. “Suzy is stupid or air-head” has been around for a few years…
    Please do not blame on PSH fans. There are many people that know and talk about it.
    It’s not their fault that they aren’t blind and only see things you want them to see.
    Her handling her scandal is nothing to proud of. I don’t get why her fans are so proud of it… Admitting dating is never a wise move. Not many people last after all and people will always refer her as LMH’s woman even when they break up.
    PSH is very strong-will and she determine never admit to dating from a long time before. All her fans would expect she never admit it… And yes she is still smarter in handling dating scandal, because she knows better after being in the industry for so long.

    Of course Suzy fans say Suzy prettier. But if I were a guy, I’d choose Shinhye to be a girlfriend…There are reasons why her costars like and and always praise her and while men are easy to smitten with her but guess you never get that.

  30. psh is not the only korean actress who do charity other also do but difference is that few of them don’t show it off to world like her or her agency do, to get praises (fake charity). don’t even talk about 3MAD really makeup do wounder to her face, her cheeks were so shrink inside like old people OMG

    • Fake in what ???
      Hollywood actors and actresses do charity work and the media cover it .
      Shin hye and her family do charities known and not known by the people she doesn’t do it take attention by the way so all the Korean stars are the same as her.
      Shin hye”s face is like that she doesn’t put make up she has many pics and bcz you want to spread hate speech you won’t understand .

    • This comment just shows your ignorance. Actually, Shin Hye has been doing way more charity than what is shown and not any actress or idol can do reality shows. If the actress doesn’t know what to say or how to act natural in front of so many cameras the PD will have a tough job to edit the show in order to make her look intelligent.

  31. This blogger is really know art of getting revenue by using name of my idol Park shin hye. stop using her name to get attention and create hatred for her use other people.

  32. Hahaha seriously I will talk shin he is famous bcz herself honey if you just copy paste anti just do it with smart way shin hye is popular bcz her acting and hard working career alone without JYP,SM or YG the famous three companies inside Korea she works under companies have no powerinside industry beside she is known since she was 13 years old so don’t without thinking with fullness of ignorance to attack her .
    If you don’t nothing be silent .

  33. Yes ,They shouldn’t compare her with young people who didn’t mature yet
    she should be compared with mature actresses and who have this mature aura .

  34. @Cussi You know, “Grades don’t determine intelligence” and I’m pretty sure you know nothing about Suzy so instead of judging without knowing, just shut up!

  35. Suzy looks better than Park Shin Hye but PSH acts better than Suzy.

    PSH was linked to Lee Min Ho previously & Suzy is dating LMH now.

    What’s next in k-entertainment?

  36. girl you are getting too delusional already. my advice is let all starlight angel ship shin hye with none but her career to keep our mind sane

  37. LMH no need to follow psh to do charity work. He is a mega star and good human he doesn’t need to follow any other actress to do charity work. SO STOP USING MY LMH NAME TO PROTECT YOUR PSH.

  38. i m so fedup with psh fans, dont know why they always drag lmh in every psh posts or psh in every lmh related posted to get attention, they need to open their eyes lmh have no thing to do with psh. Ya suzy is his girl and she is 100000 time better than psh in every aspects.