Drama Posters and Character Previews Showcase the Sleek Visuals of Six Flying Dragons

SBS is getting a lot more buzz on the Wed-Thurs time slot with Yongpal, but Mrs. Cop on Mon-Tues is also leading the ratings against its competition. Hopefully the buzz will come back once Mrs. Cop ends this week and Six Flying Dragons start next week. There are new posters and character teaser aplenty for Six Flying Dragons, clearly SBS is not skimping on this drama and why should it when the cast is so stellar. I loved the first official drama poster but the new ones are less vivid in the color contrast but equally impressive with the great presence of each lead in conveying emotional intensity.

Starring Yoo Ah In, Kim Myung Min, Byun Yo Han, Shin Se Kyung, Yoon Kyung Sang, and Chun Ho Jin as the titular six dragons, this drama is about the early days of the founding of the Joseon dynasty, which even in historical records reads like political fan fiction except is all true. We’ve got the royals, the warrior bodyguards, the strategic genius, and the stalwart and suffering females, all combined in a flashy mix with plenty of visuals. Yep, this is so primed to be my dish, even if it’s fifty plates of it.

Character previews for Six Flying Dragons:


Drama Posters and Character Previews Showcase the Sleek Visuals of Six Flying Dragons — 16 Comments

  1. I can’t wait… but I wonder why is Yoon Kyung Sang’s character missing. There should be six flying dragons, yet it feels like he is already disregarded….

  2. not many will sit thru this drama.. do you know that this drama will run for 6 months I repeat 6 months thats all the way into mid 2016..

      • Thanks.I will be watching for sure.I just finished 62 episodes of awesome Queen Seon Duk from this team and still was sad when it was over.If this drama is half as good as Queen Seon Duk then I’ll happily watch 50 episodes of it.

  3. I can watch 50 episodes of anything with Byun Yo Han. He could probably just sit on a chair and stare at a camera for 50 episodes and I’d still watch 🙂

    • if you read voyages and traveling novels one of the common description of one coming upon despair and disadvantage is the blank look on the ppl faces ppl without hope that feel helplessness and despair after a time just have blank looks they shed emotions so they can keep on living
      just a bit of 1o1 psychology

      • her blank expression is only in the scene where she is confronted with violence and feels helpless to do anything about it
        in the other teasers her expressions are different
        if you still “dont” see it …

  4. I’m still really not thrilled by the posters for this series. For me, they are put together kind of clumsily (not as clumsily as the first one, though) since it’s just too easy to tell the photos were meant to be individual shots and they glued them together afterwards. I really don’t get any intensity from them. I wish they’d do individual posters of each, as they were always meant to be.
    Still, I won’t judge this series based on its photoshop abilities. The trailers with actual footage from the series do look nice.

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