First Look at Park Hae Jin as the College Student Male Lead in Cheese in the Trap

It’s cool to see an actor or actress I’ve liked long before getting popular hit the big leagues, as is the case with Park Hae Jin. He was actually a scene-stealer way back when in the sprawling cast of East of Eden, even when playing a rapist turned good guy who somehow got his happy ending. After that he was in so many dramas before getting his big break with My Love From Another Star. Despite playing the second male lead, his was my favorite male acting performance in that drama and one of the better things to come out of that drama’s insane ratings and pan-Asia popularity.

Since then he’s done Dr. Stranger and Bad Guys, but his upcoming role as the male lead in Cheese in the Trap has an even bigger spotlight trained on him than ever before. The source webtoon is extremely popular and its fans immensely vocal about the live-action casting. I think Park Hae Jin is gorgeous and always improving as an actor so I have no problem with him playing this role, other than the very obvious visual comment that he looks nothing like a college student unless he’s one of those Second Time Twenty Years Old types that are going back in his thirties. Heh, I’m teasing of course, and for him I’ll  be first in line to buy a serving of suspension of disbelief.


First Look at Park Hae Jin as the College Student Male Lead in Cheese in the Trap — 14 Comments

  1. i like him in bad guys. bad meaning bad you know, hehe..

    but yups, he’s not looking like a college student.. but however, i’ll give this drama a try.. thanks for those beautiful pics.. im glad he’s finally taking back the male lead title after some times being the 2nd lead 🙂

  2. As a huge fan of the manhwa, he’s the only one out of the cast that matches the role perfectly. Manhwa fans have been saying that PHJ fits Yoo Jung role even before the remake being announced.

    I’m still on fence about this drama remake even though I love PHJ as I’ve my doubts about whether they’re able to translate the complexity and the unique psychological trait of the manhwa source onto the screen. The characters are all very layered and there’s lots of intricate emotions, plus there’s lots of inner dialogues/voiceover as the heroine is smart and love to analyze things, I’m hoping the producers will be able to keep the essence of the manhwa.

    I think this is easily one of the best shojo manhwa around for how realistic these characters are. The heroine is just an unlucky girl that’s stuck in realistic sticky social situations. She’s my favorite manhwa heroine for how rational and smart she is. If the drama remake gets the heroine character right, they’re already 50% to success. Hopefully the drama will exceed my low expectations.

    • I was thinking the same. Lol
      Man,I guess in Asia college is full with young one. Well, I guess in the states the Universities have more youths than colleges.

  3. Although i only watched him in MLFTS and bad guys i love him very much. he was very likable in MLFTS (and i liked him way more than KSH that was too wooden to my taste, sorry) and he killed it in bad guys (his character there is similar to yoo jung’s, very misterious and maybe even sociopathic).

    when i heard about his casting to this role i was very glad that at last he gets a main role and i didn’t read the webtoon then . now after i read the 2 seasons i’m looking forward to this drama.

    as i said before he’s so identical to yoo jung it hurts. and i don’t care he’s older than anyone cause he really knows how to act.
    thanks for the pics he is so fine..can’t wait to december!

  4. High Five Koala! I follow him since east of Eden Era. He is indeed a scene stealer. But his character on Doctor Stranger didn’t do justice.

  5. PHJ had already stole my heart in his debut KBS Drama, Famous Princesses back in 2006. He’s made lovely couple with senior actress, Lee tae ran there. Then he’s made another remarkable performances in East of Eden, Blood Hot with Bad Guys top of it.

    I’m sure he will give another terrific performance in Cheese in Trap too…love those PHJ bts pictures.

    • I loved him in Famous Princesses as well! I loved their story the best. They are the reason why I re-watch that drama almost every year. He looked so cute and boyish back then with his noona love. And so seeing him grow, both in his career and acting skills, and into a more smexy and charismatic actor makes me so proud.

  6. Damn it. Casting that is just based on similar outlook has been proved wrong recently with Scholar who walks the night. I am not positive with project. Turning my head away from the cast.

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