Moon Geun Young is Luminous in the Pages of Allure Korea October Edition

She’s so beautiful she takes my breath away. Moon Geun Young is back in the K-ent industry in full force now, what with the highly anticipated sageuk movie The Throne (Sado) on one hand and the upcoming SBS Wed-Thurs drama The Village: Achiara’s Secret on the other. Neither sounds lightweight even if there is no guarantee that the end product is good, which is a big what if when it comes to Moon Geun Young projects. She tries hard and picks as best as she can, but so many of her recent works have ended up duds to no fault of hers.

I still have nightmares about Goddess of Fire, other than her much too short real life romance that stemmed from it, and I was one of the few that loved the hot mess that was Mary Stayed Out All Night and still want her to try a straight up rom-com soon. I’ll keep my expectations manageable for The Village but being such a fan leaves me happy just to see her acting again. And looking gorgeously grown up for Allure Korea, rocking a killer shoulder length bob and owning the designer duds on her healthy frame.


Moon Geun Young is Luminous in the Pages of Allure Korea October Edition — 31 Comments

  1. Beautiful here but her pic for Bazaar is just a delight for eyes . This is no longer the little sister of the nation now; she is a wonderful lady .

  2. She isn’t my fav but she is talented and beautiful. I was so sad to see her lose so much weight she looked like a corpse. ๐Ÿ™ I’m so happy that she looks healthy now. ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope The Village will be good! Definitely going to check it out.

  3. Luminous? you’ve got to be kidding. MGY is one of the most unattractive Korean young actresses, although she is better looking now after the plastics surgery (ies)

    • i saw a TROLL one @Toni can’t accept it that lot’s of ppol ADMIRE and COMPLIMENT her.. Poor yah lil’creature -_- LOL~ just mind your own self dear cause I’m sure you more unattractive compare to MGY (^_-) and one thing, don’t be too stupid you insecure one MOON GEUN YOUNG “NEVER” did plastic surgery! LMAO! I think you’ll be the one who needs surgery, esp. in your brain~ hahahahahahaha

    • Crazy..she never did plastic surgery..maybe your bias does..she still have the same face and look young as ever..just die of envy ok?

    • Moonie never did plastic surgery.. Get a life dude. If you don’t like her @toni y even waste your time commenting. Jipezzz talk about insecure people. Don’t come and ruin this page if you ain’t a moons bear ?

    • YAH Laughing Cow Moonie never made surgery, SHE is natural from head to foot and of course beautiful inside and out ! THANKS UNNIE FOR UPDATES โค

  4. She’s really beautiful. I am happy that she is back. Love her photos with Harper’s Bazaar as well. I can’t wait to watch the Village.

  5. Beautiful my angel she really grown well, I love all new photos of her ! Dont feed the trolls just jealous about our Geun Young natural beauty and her baby face…

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