Ariel Lin Chooses Between Boyfriend Vic Zhou and New Suitor Bolin Chen in Trailer for Go Lala Go 2

Every few years there is a chick flick (or drama) with the standard tropes packaged in different ways and sold to a new generation of women looking for life and love as a young adult. I’m beyond the target demographic so what ropes me into eagerly anticipating upcoming C-movie Go Lala Go 2 is purely for the cast, consisting of three of my all time favorite Taiwanese actors in Ariel Lin, Vic Zhou, and Bolin Chen. It’s basically fan fiction dream casting as reality, how could I not watch. While I don’t care about the story all that much, if it turns out to be smartly written that’s even better, and based on the recently released first movie trailer I’m not all that worried it’s going to suck. The movie follows Ariel Lin as the titular Du Lala as she settles into a professional management level career with Zai Zai as her hot boyfriend, but finds both shaken up with the arrival of a work/love rival played by Nana, and Bolin Chen’s new bad boy hottie who tries to lure her to become an even more fabulous version of herself. I’m so not feeling bad for her, and only wonder what fairy godmother I need to conjure up to give me the same predicament.

Go Lala Go 2 trailer:


Ariel Lin Chooses Between Boyfriend Vic Zhou and New Suitor Bolin Chen in Trailer for Go Lala Go 2 — 21 Comments

  1. I am not even her and I can’t pick!
    What a pleasant predicament~ Do I want a girl for the smexy Vic or do I want Da Ren-You Qing reunion?

  2. I can pick! my perfect man is Vic Zhou. I was in love with Tony Leung, and Vic looks alike him when he was young, when he did Chungking Express.

    • Νice one! You’re right about the resemblance, you’re sooooo right about Tony Leung and Chungking Express…nonetheless, I’m still ambivalent. Like @Gracious said, “a love triangle” is a girl’s internal wish and this triangle is no less than dreamy, right? 🙂

      • Chungking Express was one of my favorite movies. You’re so right about Tony Leung. With this movie, I can’t decide. I really like both actors.

  3. Even though i realllly like them both, Bolin has this charm to him that I cannot resist. Anyways, if this is lala 2 is there a lala 1? Sorry off topic, but this is like when i saw promotions for sharknado 3 and was like, there was a sharknado 1 and 2? Funny thing is after i saw the promotions for it, i went and checked them all out at the public library and tried to watch them only to wish i never did.

  4. My ITWY_loving heart wants her to pick Bo lin – plus he’s just so cool and funny on IG. But all I *really* want is for this movie to get English subs in record time. 🙂

  5. It’s every women dream to be caught in such a dilemma…lol. As much as I love Vic, I’m going to pick Bolin as I have a huge weakness for bad boys.

    Is the airing date set for the movie yet? All my favs are in this. Rubbing my hands in anticipation.

  6. poor Ariel this is such a difficult dilemma that you are facing.

    As a Good Samaritan I will take your place. No no you don’t have to thank me.

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