Neighborhood Hero with Park Shi Hoo, Yuri, and Lee Soo Hyuk Starts Filming

There are dramas which get scuttled, most recently with Goodbye Mr. Black with Moon Chae Won and Lee Jin Wook, and earlier in the summer with Shin Mina‘s Let’s Have Dinner Together, and then there are dramas that some want to see get kiboshed which inch closer to airing. Filming has begun on Park Shi Hoo‘s comeback drama Neighborhood Hero, marking over two years since he’s been on the small screen in Korea, or for that matter since he’s been with his entertainment career active in Korea period.

Park Shi Hoo almost did Golden Cross for KBS but the netizen outcry was so big he passed on the role, and now he’s transforming into a retired spy turned bar owner in Neighborhood Hero. Costarring Yuri of SNSD, Jo Sung Ha, Lee Soo Hyuk, and Yoon Tae Young, the drama has returned spy Park Shi Hoo mentoring a young man from a small neighborhood to fight local crime. I thought Lee Soo Hyuk would be worn out from all that fun overacting he did for the last few months in Scholar Who Walks the Night but lo and behold he went from that drama straight into this one.

I remain curious since this drama is from PD Kwak Jung Hwan of Chuno and Conspiracy in the Court fame, though his oeuvre requires ignoring Fugitive: Plan B and Basketball as examples of failed works. Those who can’t watch Park Shi Hoo anymore should just ignore this drama and not even bother. I’ve never much liked him before his scandal and now find myself curious as to whether I can stomach him acting out a role without having real life information about him color the watch experience.


Neighborhood Hero with Park Shi Hoo, Yuri, and Lee Soo Hyuk Starts Filming — 35 Comments

  1. I love Jo Sung Ha though my love for Park Shi Hoo has diminished greatly. Will sit back and see how this does first because I’m not so familiar with Lee Soo Hyuk’s acting.

  2. I’m here just because of Gwi… aka..LSH… trying to move on from SWWTN and now there is a light of seeing LSH onscreen again in a very short time is great pleasure 😉

  3. hmmm still on the fence whether watching it or not..don’t have problem with PSH and i love LSH but yuri…i guss i’ll wait for the first reviews.

    • Let PSH’s PR teams buy all reporters to write good things about him and side him in order to give him smooth comeback to K-entertainment world. I just hope once his drama and movie are release, viewers will give him a cold shoulder. There are still many of great Korean actors who are more talented with good attitude that need our support than just this jerk.

      • Wow, is full of plaster saints here judjing and labeling in accordance with own conscience. How lucky are your communities and the Koreans to have you. God is watching you, be real good persons.
        I don’t have such high standards as you so I keep loving Park Si Hoo (one of my all time fav kdrama is Family Honor) and I’ll keep watching his works, I can’t wait for NH.

      • @badsmuler Hi, first time to read this from another user, my all time favourite kdrama is also Family’s Honor!! 😀

    • He is not a rapist. They had no evidence to hold him. And he is a great actor plus who said for you to judge him or even commit on this if you were going to be negative. Its not like he is gonna waste his time to look at this. And to add he was brave enough to show his face and do what he loves even when he knew people will look down on him. And this show is spectacular. No other man can play his role.

    • SERIOUSLY! All you people need to STOP with ‘hater’ comments about Park Shihoo! DON’T JUDGE UNLESS YOU ABSOLUTELY KNOW THAT FACTS AND YOU WOULD HAVE HAD TO HAVE BEEN THERE!!!!!and you weren’t – isn’t it INNOCENT till proven guilty AND he WASN’T…no matter what suspicions you have. Leave the poor guy alone. I am from Australia and have been watching all this going on for too long now. I am FED UP.

  4. I’ll never watch any drama or movie of Park Shi Hoo. If he wasn’t rich, he would be in prison. And is a serious crime, against another person, not a question of taxes or pot. No other chances for rapists, I worked in a prison for several years and it’s very difficult to rehabilitate a rapist even when they assist therapy, imagine if they don’t do anything and think they are right doing these kind of things in exchange of cash. Sorry for the rant.

    • Totally agree. He used his money and his connections to get off when prosecution was ready to take him to court. You don’t have to be an angel in your own life to want to see justice for others. Her life has been destroyed, he should suffer more than just a mild setback in his “illustrious career.” Delulu fangirls may believe otherwise, but he just wasn’t all that to begin with, so I can turn my back on his embarrassing efforts to be a “hero” without even a twinge about missing something artistically worthwhile.

  5. guess PSH lover will trun a bind eye. even if there proof that he and his thug was draging the drunk woman to his room. if not for his money
    dde wold be doin jail time.

    • His crazy fans even told that PSH wasn’t slept with Ms.A when PSH himself had already admitted that he had sex with the girl and his DNA was found in her body.LOL

      • t&l, your true color as a liar is finally shown up; this is entirely your invention. Give the link with such affirmation if you have it. I think you call crazy Park Si Hoo’s fans, which are non-Chinese, because you sympathize his Chinese fans a lot isn’t it?

      • Largely she said that “A” had her own agenda with Park Si Hoo, he didn’t rape her and he could be her victim. No matter what she would have said, your interpretation would be the same. Besides, you already replied her there from flower to another flower.
        God is watching you, just be real good person as you ask from others. OK ???

      • NO, She’s still believe PSH didn’t sleep with the girl but Mr.K. No matter how many people in that forum told her about the DNA test result, she can’t except it. Maybe if its you who tell her she can understand.

        One thing for sure, free sex in my country is illegal so if your beloved actor PSH was lived here, he’s definitely already put in the jail. PSH is a devoted Christian, right ?? He should know its a sin. Just tell him to gets married soon so he can do sex anytime and free.

  6. Looking forward to Park Shi Hoo’s comeback. I hope this show gets picked up by the legitimate websites. I asked the ones I subscribe to, to buy it.

  7. Personal digs don’t bother me much. waiting to see his show. he is good actor. AS above few people said there are so many good actors better than him needs support… plz go ahead & support them Why bothering return of PSH.People like us who watch the shows just for entertainment are fine with his comeback& eagerly waiting to see his new work.There is nothing like support .

    • It is sad that people continuesly dig personal issues spread venom & coment on celebs who don’t even know them & just depend on media speculation & spill venom in social media. truth can be any thing that was within court,girlA & PSH. two years of haitus might have difficult for him too. So my POVpersonal shd be kept aside from professional issues & if the show is worth nothing is going to stop him from bouncing back.

  8. Yo estoy ansiosa por ver este drama Shi Hoo Cho Seong-Ha y Jeong Man-Sik como actores son fabulosos, ahora si no están enterados bien de la vida privada deberían leer mas sobre todo yo apoyo a Park Shi Hoo

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