Korean Director of Blind Remakes his Own Movie into The Witness with Yang Mi and Luhan

This is a new twist on the current deluge of Korean-Chinese jointly produced dramas and/or movies – the upcoming Chinese movie remake of the 2011 K-movie Blind is being helmed by the original director himself Ahn Sang Hoon. At least he can’t blame another director for ruining whatever made his original movie a hit, lol. Blind starred Kim Ha Neul and Yoo Seung Ho while the C-movie remake The Witness pairs together popular Chinese stars Yang Mi and Luhan.

I’d put Kim Ha Neul and Yang Mi at the same level in looks and acting talent, but acting newbie Luhan has got a long ways to go before he’s Yoo Seung Ho level. With that said, I thought Luhan was decent in Miss Granny and from the movie trailer for The Witness he’s actually got the charisma and energy to hold his own on the big screen. Yang Mi is also doing a decent job of playing a blind woman, so all in all the C-remake premiering next month doesn’t look bad at first glance at all. I think the more interesting cinematic element is to see how the same director directs the same story with a different cast and a four year time gap.

The Witness trailer:

The Witness behind the scenes:


Korean Director of Blind Remakes his Own Movie into The Witness with Yang Mi and Luhan — 22 Comments

  1. Hmm… So, you OP, what is your stance on Luhan who is actively advancing into chinese entertainment just like Song Qian? Just like SQ, he too, is using his fanbase and popularity to get movie deals and offers. Did you feel underwhelmed too?

      • Because apparently some people have problem with that. They have no problem with some using their popularity but have problem with others using the same. That’s why I asked the question from the OP. Now does it make sense to you, girl?

    • Are you the same person who’s been around blogs attacking people who don’t fancy Song Qian? I used to be indifferent to her, but thanks to you I’ve started to dislike her.

      • Oh really? Go ahead, female. Show your dislike then, female. lol Besides I don’t even remember ATTACIKING “people who don’t fancy Song Qian”. Why are you making things up, gurl. Is that typical behavior of female like you?

      • @lenje
        Excuse me. I consider myself a SQ fan too and I don’t dislike your bias unlike you do. That’s childish. Instead you can dislike the fans. That’s what I do.

        Woah woah I don’t like how you generalize female fans. What’s wrong with female fans? Being delusional and shallow minded is not gender-specific, you know. I am a girl too! But I see your point. Amicus Plato, sed magis amica veritas.

      • @Sainaa

        I’d love it if you can name who my bias is. Don’t lecture me about why I shouldn’t dislike SQ. It’s entertainment business, I don’t even need a reason to like or dislike any artist. I didn’t care about SQ before, and such behavior makes me resentful toward her. Unlike your fellow SQ fan above, however, I don’t troll multiple blogs and disparage artists they like as an act of “revenge” for their less-than-favorable comment about artists that I like. Other actors/actresses have received comments that are borderline character assassination (such as couch casting, ugly faces, etc.) and the not-favorable comments about SQ isn’t even one tenth of those. Let it slide, and support your favorite actors/actresses by spreading good news about them instead of attacking others.

      • @lenje

        If that person is a troll as you claim, then I don’t understand why you are letting yourself to be worked up with his/her trollings and getting into an argument? Ignoring is the best you can do with trolls since everything they need is an attention.



    • To answer your question about Victoria, yes I feel underwhelmed by her. There is something about her that makes it hard for me to connect with her, maybe it’s the goody two shoes image/persona that the company crafted for her. *shrugs*

      On the other hand, I’m okay with Luhan. Scratch that, I am impressed by him. For him to improve so much, in short a short while, shows there is talent there. I was indifferent to him before, but now, he has piqued my interest.

      • Or you are not exactly the OP but just another female fan who felt an urge to speak for the OP because you couldn’t hide your hatred anymore? lol Kuku! Are you there oscar mayer bacon? Oscar? Bacon? Kevin? lol this is fun.

      • the goody two shoes image/persona that the company crafted for her. *shrugs*

        *Woah*… so much of negativity in this phrase… If that’s the case… I know it’s your opinion, but maybe you are wrong? Maybe it’s not “image” but the real her? Maybe it’s just that she is mentally stronger and has better work ethics than the Lu boy? After all, she comes from a famous dance school known for its hard discipline whereas the boy comes from where? A rich family…? A daddy/mommy boy who isn’t used to hardships…? Silver spoon…? Golden plate…? A fanbase overnight coz he is debuted with exo…? Who knows…

  2. From the trailer, I think that the original is better. It was moody and dark. And Yang Mi’s acting is so stiff just like how she was in My Sunshine movie version. However, I will still try it out since it’s produced by the same director.

  3. is that the same dog that was used in the original? oh, its so cute! oh, please don’t kill this one, I cried buckets the first time, don’t think I can stomach another cute doggy death, la!!!!!!!

  4. I wasn’t expecting much but I av to admit I was really impressed with how much luhan has improved over this short period of time….tiz being just his second movie, I m really impressed!!! Didn’t care but now looking forward to his other projects!!!

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