Moon Geun Young Transforms into a Chic Careerwoman for Bazaar Korea

Moon Geun Young‘s comeback month of September has basically been an unending stream of goodies. The fun promo circult she did with Yoo Ah In for sageuk movie The Throne (Sado) showed off yet another male costar of hers that is totally enamored of her talent and personality. Then came the promising previews for upcoming SBS corpse mystery drama The Village (Achiara’s Secret), with Moon Geun Young working again with the network after the inconsistent Cheongdamdong Alice and the amazingly excellent Painter of the Wind. I thought Moon Geun Young’s recent photoshoot for Allure Korea was beautiful in an ethereal way, she’s now followed up with a Bazaar Korea spread that edgier but still plays up her all grown up aura. Love the diverse poses and outfits, all of which come across as classy and accessible just like her.


Moon Geun Young Transforms into a Chic Careerwoman for Bazaar Korea — 8 Comments

  1. Seeing her so beautiful and happy, makes me happy too.Btw, I love CA and even more POTW. I actually love her in everything. Except for GOF, I still watch some episodes of her dramas like episode 3,4 and 10 of Cinderella Unni. Episode 1, 4 and 12 of POTW, episode 3,4,5,6,7,9 of CA and epi 7,8 of MMM. She satisfied my craving for real talents. I am a little bit out of topic but I just need to show my love for her here. Ehehe..and maybe episode 6 and 7 of GOF. Now this is odd but it seems like 6,7,8 always means something. CA- 6,7 is when Se Kyung starts falling for Seung Ju (that electrifying high five..remember..aww), GOF- 6,7 is when Jung Yi reunited with Taedo (and when I started shipping them so hard..kekek), MMM-7,8 when mae ri and mu gyul fights and kiss..(aww..the kiss was hottt)..ok I am done with my ramblings.

  2. It’s 2016 and I have watched all dramas where Moon Geun Young has appeared, even in bit parts like Lovers Concerto. I started with Mary Stayed Out All Night, then My Little Bride. I went back to Autumn in My Heart then proceeded to Innocent Steps, Love Me Not, Painter of the Wind, Cheomdamdong Alice,Goddess of Fire, Cinderella’s Sister,Sado and Village Achiara plus horror film A Tale of Two Sisters and documentary On The Way. Have I missed anything? I love this actress and her acting is consistently amazing. I’m looking forward to Glass Garden. Good luck to your career !

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