Long Time Star Bachelor Fukuyama Masaharu Surprises J-ent by Marrying Fukiishi Kazue

Japan woke up to a huge entertainment world news shocker Monday morning – top singer-actor Fukuyama Masaharu got married to secret actress girlfriend Fukiishi Kazue. There is a 13 year age gap between the couple, with Masa being 46 years old while Kazue is 33 this year, but the couple have apparently been dating for a few years now if rumored gossip from way back when is to be believed. Which it should be believed since the two got married, lol, but rumors a few years ago said they were dating but both denied it.

Masaharu getting married is as unexpected as when longtime star bachelor George Clooney tied the knot last year, both had the reputation of being decided bachelor and playboys in their respective entertainment industries. Fukiishi Kazue is a well known actress in her own right, with a long list of doramas under her belt, but she’s nowhere near Masaharu’s level in popularity so chances are she’ll now be known as Mrs. Fukuyama, much like what happened when Kudo Shizuka married Kimura Takuya fifteen years ago and then became Mrs. KimuTaku forever.

I really like Masa but honestly thought that he was never going to settle down. The news articles are all trying to parse how Kazue landed J-ent’s most illusive bachelor, but I like to think it’s just good old fashioned love between two people who get along. Not exactly rocket science.


Long Time Star Bachelor Fukuyama Masaharu Surprises J-ent by Marrying Fukiishi Kazue — 13 Comments

    • LMAO, who would need money to marry Fukuyama Masaharu? I would marry him for free (sorry hubs!). And I won’t even touch the second statement. You sound like a butthurt fanboy.

    • Fukishii Kazue is quite a name by herself,she doesn’t need Fukuyama’s fame at all. her dad is a former pro baseball player and she is a renowned award winning actress.

    • Matsujun and Inoue Mao are still speculative fanon at this point. If they have managed to keep it together for nine years plus by this point – good for them, but I feel that it’s always going to be the year they’re going to get married – but never do.

      J-ent relationships are so much more shocking these days than K-ent. WHO IS THE NEXT PERSON TO GET MARRIED? The only certainty that it’s not going to be someone from JE.

  1. Well congrats! Not as surprising as Maki’s wedding as the paps have pics of them together but congrats to the couple.
    I think Fukuyama used to date Konishi Manami some years back but I’ll forever be loling over his rumored relationship with Hirai Ken.

  2. lucky gal thos pics of him are not very flattering but even at 46 he’s one of the hottest japanese celebs not to mention most talented singer and actor

  3. i think i’m one of the few who knew fukiishi kazue, she’s around the ages of the arashi members and they have been acting together since they were teenagers. i’m obviously an avid arashi fangirl, so i have seen kazue around, and i find it funny how her roles have evolved in arashi dramas.
    she’s actually first paired off as aiba masaki’s love interest in his first drama where yamapi is also cast as a lead which i can’t remember the title now but might be p.p.o.i. then she’s cast as sakurai sho’s partner and love interest in yoiko no mikata. a few years down the line and she’s now cast as the teacher of sakurai sho and ninomiya kazunari in yamada taro monogatari. (which reminds me, the actor who played her husband in that drama was so goodlooking, i wonder what happened to him?)
    anyway, i like her and i hope she and fukuyama masaharu will have a happy life together.

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