Shivery Posters and New Stills Hint at the Creepy Undertones of The Village

One side benefit of Moon Geun Young choosing the SBS corpse mystery thriller The Village (Achiara’s Secret) as her next drama is all the great flashbacks to one of her best movies in The Tale of Two Sisters. She wasn’t anywhere near being the lead, not with Im Soo Jung, Uhm Jung Ah and Kim Gab Soo around, but that was a true ensemble piece where every character was important ergo having the best actors cast was essential. I feel the same goes with The Village, where both the nice and and naughty at first blush are more than each seems, and secrets abound everyone that may or may not end up with people six feet under. That requires nuance and breadth, and I hope the entire cast delivers and has chemistry. The drama released two official posters recently, the more eyecatching one being Moon Geun Young with a hazy backdrop being pawed by corpse arms. Yikes! This drama better not have any zombies! I kid of course, the corpse hands are metaphorical representations of all the dead souls residing in The Village with secrets that will soon be unearthed with outside Moon Geun Young’s arrival to shake things up.

The second drama poster is less visually impactful but works with Moon Geun Young’s visceral sadness in her expression. I still think Yook Sung Jae seems like a kid playing cop, but then again that might actually be the description of his character as a rookie cop.

Fourth trailer for The Village:


Shivery Posters and New Stills Hint at the Creepy Undertones of The Village — 13 Comments

  1. why do i have the feeling YSJ character gonna be the killer or somehow related? haha that will be interesting otherwise i don’t get his role..maybe a sidekick to MGY? i bet it’s gonna be someone who is less expected (as always in such dramas)..liked the posters

    • His role will probably be similar to Lee Seung Woo’s in God’s Gift. A smart cop who helps the heroine solve the mystery and will probably have no love relationship with her. I’m not sure if he has his own story, like anything related with his past or family. But they mentioned that he has the brains so he surely has a key role..

  2. I’m hoping more for a mystery/thriller and not a horror show. I’m a chicken at heart, the poster with all the hands grabbing MGY is freaking me out.

  3. seriously i get that YSJ is good at acting but they could have pick a more experince n mature actor for the male lead.i just see a kid playing police because rookie police r actually older than him has far as i know well i hope he is convicing in his role.

  4. I don’t quite understand when people point out that Sungjae looks too young or is too young to be a rookie police officer. He is 20 years old no? My cousin is only 2 years older and is already a police officer and heck he even looks younger than Sungjae. Ha-ha. There are young and baby-faced rookie police officers out here in the real world too you know. Lol. So what I’m saying is that Sungjae as a police officer especially one who is a rookie is not really a strange thing and not that hard to believe. Of course I am talking visual-wise right now. Whether he can bring in the charisma as a cop, we will just have to wait and see. Ha-ha

  5. Then you better not waste your time ,the world will not fall without you!
    Anyway the teaser 5 is out , more excited love it !!

    • sorry for the double post at readers

      @silvie Then you better not waste your time ,the world will not fall without you!

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