Kang Sora is Bright and Beautiful at Canon CF Event in Seoul


I like Kang Sora a lot, she’s got that triple threat combination of looks, acting ability, and relatable warmth. What she probably doesn’t have yet is that “it girl” hard to pinpoint quality that might propel a less acting talented actress like Suzy to the top but keeps Kang Sora from fully breaking out. But I think it’ll come in due course, so what keeps me from loving her fully are some of her ardent fans who come across as overly pushy and always insisting that she’s the best and should be a cast in dramas or get the guy in a drama even if she’s the second lead and the story doesn’t warrant it.

That’s way annoying for a drama viewer like me, but not any diss on her since it’s nothing she can control. I do hope she picks better acting projects after her last drama Warm and Cozy with Yoo Yeon Seok ended up being such a whimpering disappointment. She is looking fantabulous at the recent Canon media event in Seoul to rep the brand for its latest point-and-click cameras. I have a feeling beige dresses are in since she’s sporting the same color attire that Park Shin Hye and Suzy recently rocked at other brand events. I’ve always eschewed beige for being a washout color but now am seriously reconsidering it thanks to how gorgeous Sora pulls it off, along with other starlets who have been rocking the shade lately. Rock it girl!


Kang Sora is Bright and Beautiful at Canon CF Event in Seoul — 28 Comments

  1. ouh! ouh! and here comes suzy’s stans…
    i only watched her in dream high 2 and misaeng only to be happy that she has redeemed herself in misaeng from the nightmare of the former. looking back park seo joon is really going far right now

  2. She’s so pretty. what i love about her that she has both the looks and acting as you said ms. koala.

    I agree, warm and cozy was totaly dissapointment but on the other hand the only thing saved that drama from going to the pits was the amazing chemistry of her and YYS. too bad two talented actors like them falled out with that drama but i guess they didn’t think it will become like that + that was script of hong sisters (another dissapointment and as fan of KS and YYS i’m kind of annoyed that when finally those actors get chance to be leads they screwed them like that).

    Anyway i hope too she will pick better drama next time but i’m sure she will hit success since she is already so promising.

  3. Koala said kang sora’s fans are overly pushy and it’s annoying to her. Well when koala dislike an actor and trash an actor, it’s also annoying to drama viewers.

    Anyway that’s the meaning of “fans” – they think their actors and actress are the best. Koala can’t change the world and it’s also annoying for readers and viewers that a drama reviewer cannot appreciate what a fan is. It’s like a food critic who can’t understand why some customers are crazy over certain dishes.

    • What Koala is talking abut is more like if some people were avid broccoli-lovers, and complained ever time broccoli wasn’t the main feature of someone’s dish.

  4. Why am I always so touchy have listened singular thing about drama’s of warm and cozy. Which part of the episode or it might whole of all episode that has been made you told by yourself there are not a good one and make you feel disappointed. It’s as if you could explain as well, but I don’t think so. as a side not I saw your first warm and cozy article’s just said thus neither had not chemistry both of them nor there is no hook anywhere with any of the characters, it’s hoot koala you have been told by yourself once again are the excuse was a palpable lie.

  5. I had really high expectations for warm and cozy but was greatly disappointed…am I the only 1 who did not think the main leads had any chemistry at all? The side characters seemed more interesting but I did give up half way bc I just couldn’t stop cursing at the main leads although I did watch it for kang sora

  6. Still not really convincing with KSR’s aura as an actress,and i am in the opinion she is a bit overrated as an actress. But totally agreed on her beauty and hotness. Remember her H&M dress? 🙂

  7. I loved warm and cosy (but come on we all know that it wasnt everyone’s dish) and thought her chemistry was awesome with YYS.

  8. She and YYS were the only good thing about Warm &Cozy (real title should be Bland & Boring). She is a good actress but she and YYS were so badly let down by the script.

    anyway I don’t think it’s right to say her fans who love her and want her to have good roles, are what puts you off from her. I mean, you get so many Lee Minho fans who come here and abuse you personally on posts about him and even on someposts that don’t mention him, and that doesn’t put u off from him, right?

    • I think she is still bitter about the fact people cheered more for KS-LJS pair than jSY-LJS one in doctor stranger because she had a fondness for JSY by age of feeling. A little like her behaviour with the Mark Chao zaizai incident which happened ages ago she can’t let go even after zaizai got awarded

  9. To be fair, she isn’t the only one who has pushy fans. I have a certain actress in mind whose fans always always put her on a pedestal even though her acting is just decently so-so. Mind you, I’m not talking about PSH.

    • and for what I have seen I don’t think her fans are like that. MCW and other actresses fans fit it more. But she is popular in Korea and China (whether you want or believe it) so people name her in many potential dramas. They aren’t necessary her fans. Most her kfans hoping she do more movies
      And she has a lot more fans than many other actress internationally so it might seem that way for you

      • I just mentioned that I’m NOT referring to PSH, didn’t I? If that wasn’t clear enough for you. 🙂

  10. IMO she’s OK looking and I find her to be a pretty mediocre actress (her emotional scenes in DS were painful to watch tbh), but since both on-screen believability and physical appearance are very subjective matters, there are bound to be several differentiating opinions on this.

    • not as painful as JSY. that woman expression make me cry everytime. without her company paying pd lot of money she would not be getting so many lead role cuz it sure not her acting that landing her lead role.

  11. I have always love her fashion sense! Well, with that smokin’ body, she could wear a rice sack and still look like a goddess!

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