Beautiful Selina Jen Bravely Poses for Marie Claire Sans Makeup and Burn Scar Covering

I’m a firm believer in beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so I merely state my personal perspective but never deride or dismiss anyone who sees it otherwise. Frankly the very act of watching onscreen entertainment is that every viewer sees things in his or her own light. With that said, the just released Marie Claire Taiwan pictorial of S.H.E. member Selina Jen (older sister to actress Kristen Jen) that is lighting up the Chinese-speaking web is too good not to share, and too good not to just take a definitive stand – Selina is beautiful inside and out and nothing can convince me otherwise.

Selina Jen has long been one of Taiwan’s most beautiful and famous songstress in the modern era, with her voice being considered the most “pure” and “artistically exquisite” of the three ladies in S.H.E. (I’ll let it be known that my personal favorite is Hebe Tian) and her also being considered the prettiest member of S.H.E. All that changed five years ago on the set of C-drama I Have a Date with Spring when a stunt went awry and Selina and her male lead Ham Yu were both badly burned – over 50% of their bodies suffered third degree burns. Both have made remarkable recoveries but their burn scars remain hard to overcome. Selina has released solo albums and another S.H.E. album, and even went on a world tour, all while covering her body up. Not anymore as she bravely takes a stand to love herself so that others can have the courage to do the same.


Beautiful Selina Jen Bravely Poses for Marie Claire Sans Makeup and Burn Scar Covering — 21 Comments

  1. Imagine the intense pain and anguish she has to overcome to come to this stage. I applaud her courage and confidence to stand out to the world stage with her scars. She deserves a standing ovation!

  2. When I see her scars I can just imagine how much pain and healing she had to go through.

    This is much needed support for burn victims of the recent water park tragedy in Taiwan.

    Selina, you go girl.

  3. Thank you for posting these pictures. Selina (and S.H.E) have been my favourite singers since 10+ years back so I was very sad when I heard about her accident but throughout these 5 years she has shown us how optimism and love can overcome the most difficult times. I’m glad to have her as an idol.I agree with you. She is beautiful inside and out.

  4. Inspiring to see her showing her scars and that she is brave enough to show her self without coving up with makeup. Im a fan of S.H.E music but i didnt know about their personal life, her accident before.

    I have even more respect, admiration for her stand now other than liking her music,

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