Pregnant and Glowing Jeon Ji Hyun Makes Appearance at Nepa Charity Event

I think it’s clear that pregnant women run the same gamut as their non-pregnant brethren, i.e. comes in all shapes and sizes. With that said, pregnant stars almost always skew towards the doesn’t look pregnant at all end of the spectrum, glowing with only teeny tiny baby bumps and no excess weight added anywhere else but the belly. Six-month pregnant top Korean actress Jeon Ji Hyun made an appearance this week at a charity event put on by outdoor wear Nepa, which she endorses as the brand spokesmodel.

She looks beautiful and glowing, but the giant coat she’s wearing obscures her entire top region so it’s impossible to tell that’s she’s even pregnant other than knowing the fact. She does have even more lustrous hair than usual and that’s a great side benefit of the pregnancy hormones at work. I’m thrilled for her pregnancy and she should take as much off as she wants from acting, but when the industry is without glittering top stars like her for too long, it’s only going to be one less asset to help bring back viewers to K-dramas and fill seats in movie theaters.


Pregnant and Glowing Jeon Ji Hyun Makes Appearance at Nepa Charity Event — 7 Comments

  1. She really is a goddess in human shape, may she have a safe and healthy pregnancy and a happy motherhood. She hasn’t even given birth and her last project was a massive smash hit, but already I miss her.

    Also her hair is a thing of miracles, wasn’t it bob-length when she was promoting Assassination? It’s grown super fast.

  2. Pregnancy Glow! It’s being reported that she’s going to have a son. That kid is going to be tall and handsome considering his parents’ combined DNA.

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