Lee Jong Seok Hits a Fashion Speed Bump at the Burberry Store Opening in Seoul

I’m sure Lee Jong Seok is wearing head-to-toe Burberry, which is one of my favorite effortlessly chic brands, but this is one major exception to my love of both. Lee Jong Seok was at the store opening event for Burberry in Seoul, looking healthy and well-rested, but everything on top of his natural charm was all wrong. The hair is styled in that split overly long look that makes me itch to grab a scissors and start snipping, and made all the worse with too much makeup spackled on him. But the outfit is the biggest offender, the black turtleneck is hard to pull off for any guy and Lee Jong Seok tries his best, except the black and white floral suit jacket is so ugly it needs to be burned. I just want to drag him behind a curtain and cut his clothes off before shoving him into a simple t-shirt and jeans combo to cleanse the visuals and return my Jong Seok to his intended glory.


Lee Jong Seok Hits a Fashion Speed Bump at the Burberry Store Opening in Seoul — 26 Comments

    • I’m getting a Michael Jackson vibe: white face, big black brows, black turtleneck, questionable jacket, unfortunate hairstyle…

  1. You know his daily life outfits are always on point…stylish, perfect and you know of course branded lol,
    as a former model, he knows how to wear them like a boss..
    But yeah, for the events like this, he can’t do anything with the outfits, lmao
    As for the hair, I also want to cut his hair,lol but seem that many fans like it that hair though

    • You know Jongsuk’s crazy pale, right? He’s practically known for it and the media/netizens talk about it a lot. Even without makeup, with that harsh flash he’s going to look that “white”. He (or rather his makeup artist friend) should take the makeup down a notch since it does look caked, but it’s not going to make much of a difference in the “white” color.

  2. He knows the hairstyle is ugly (he says it makes him look like a frog) but for some reason he won’t cut it yet even when people keep begging him to. lol

  3. I actually don’t mind this look and style of lee jong seok…I don’t see what the problems are bc it looks fine to me.

  4. Never saw any of his leading dramas so never got the chance to fall in love with him. I never really thought he was good looking anyhow but the outfit does make him look bad. Btw I have to say Luo Jin in cdrama Diamond Lovers look quite nice with a turtle neck

  5. Hmm. I tend to disagree with the black turtleneck statement, but the (is it blue or black?) flowery jacket doesn’t go too well with the hair color. Maybe I’m a little bit more conservative, but I also think that the hair color doesn’t suit his (very) pale face too well.
    At least he looks very well rested and less thin.

  6. I think the jacket pattern looks like something you’d see sewn on a quilt. I think he looks pale whether or not he’s wearing make up but the bright flash of the cameras do not help. At least he does look well rested. I don’t mind the hair so much but it could use a bit of a trim. Other than that, he still looks good! 🙂

  7. Poor guy. The whole ensemble is nauseating. You were right on the money, Koala. Arriving in your grandmother’s table cloth just can’t be pulled off. ..even by this guy.

  8. The price of fame….designer brands throw their ugliest pieces on him hoping that just his name and image alone can dupe fans and the public into thinking that they’re worth buying.

    Good thing for us mere mortals we can stick to simple and non-sponsored outfits. Or at least our fashion mistakes don’t get publicised for the whole world to see lol.

  9. He might have pulled that ugly jacket off in a weird and avant-garde way……if only it wasn’t for THAT HAIR.

    (why do men wear those stupid middle parted styles, WHY?? They are so unflattering, a centre part is something that can make even women look strange)

  10. I think his outfit looks okay. But it will be much better if they did his hair like the smartlook of Choi Dal Po as a reporter in Pinocchio. That hair suits him. Looks like brush up but not too much.

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