Character Posters for Epic 3D Movie L.O.R.D. Showcases Huge Chinese Acting Cast

C-writer/producer Guo Jingming has been flying high for well over a decade in C-ent, thanks to popular novels and later adaptations into even more popular hits like the Tiny Times movie series. His first novel Ice Fantasy is currently getting a C-drama adaptation with Feng Shao Feng and Victoria Song, but the bigger attention is focused on his self-produced 3D motion capture movie L.O.R.D. (Legend of the Ravaging Dynasties), with a collection of big name stars to wow even the most jaded fan. Fan Bing Bing, Yang Mi, Kris (formerly EXO), Amber Kuo, William Chan, Airif Lee (Li Zhi Ting) Roy Wang (of TFBoys), Yan Yi KuanLin Kun, Gui Gui, Bea Hayden, Wang Duo, and many more, the movie is the first Asian fantasy 3D movie akin to Avatar, with the famous faces cast in the movie doing the full stop motion acting required to turn their faces and acting into computer generated images. The story sounds a lot like the kids show Avatar: The Last Airbender, with the nations split into four kingdoms of fire, ice, water, and earth, with people possessing the various powers to certain degrees. Not much else is known about the plot but the visuals so far are certainly eye-catching.


Character Posters for Epic 3D Movie L.O.R.D. Showcases Huge Chinese Acting Cast — 13 Comments

  1. I’m still baffled by how popular Tiny Times is because both the original novel and movie adaptation lacked depth in terms of character and story. Everything feels so empty, the only thing that’s watchable is the cast and probably the extravagant setting but everything feels so shallow.

    I only read GJM’s Tiny Times and I’m not sure whether he writes that way for his other novels but I’m definitely not impressed by his style of writing. Tiny Times is almost like a novel written by high schooler (choice of words and the constant mention of high-end brands, the whole novel feels so shallow) but maybe it fits well with his target audience – youth…

  2. Avatar only had the blue natives computer generated (and whatever special effect and “prop”), that I get, but in this case would it no be cheaper to just have the actors act? I mean they look like normal people…. at least make them red with horns or something to justified have them be computer generated as well.

    • @ Deb He is Kevin Yan, and he was the main actor in Qing Shi Huang Fei with Ruby lin and Wallace Huo. And he is married T_T

      • and I think their features were really enhanced a lot through photoshop. Yangmi in this picture doesn’t even look like Yangmi

    • I don’t know where Koala got the news of Gui Gui being attached to this movie, but I have never heard any news about her being a part of the cast. (I run a Gui Gui focused blog on tumblr.) She is currently busy filming for the drama “The Legend of Flying Daggers” in Hengdian.

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