Sequel to Hit Xianxia C-drama Ashes of Love Reportedly in Prep with Willian Chan to Replace Male Lead Deng Lun After Tax Evasion Scandal

So I’m of the mind to just scrap this project but then I’m not the key demographic so maybe there is an appetite for a second serving. C-ent is reporting that the in prep sequel to super popular fantasy period C-drama Ashes of Love will still go forward despite a blip on the male lead casting plans. Ashes of Love 2 was already being planned with the same two leads when OG male lead Deng Lun got cancelled hard by C-ent after his March 2022 tax evasion scandal. Now comes news that the production still plans to go forward and will replace Deng Lun with William Chan, who I’m sure has tons of fans and plenty of hit dramas and movies but he just does nothing for me so I’m meh on this pick. So are C-netizens who just from visuals and prior works think William and female lead Yang Zi are not going to be a match and definitely can’t recreate the chemistry of the original pairing. So basically the core audience for why a sequel is being made for isn’t happy with the proposed male lead replacement which doesn’t bode well for the reception should this go forward.

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C-ent Looks Forward as High Profile Fantasy Period Drama Novoland: Pearl Eclipse with Yang Mi and William Chan Gets Airing Approval

I haven’t been a fan of the Novoland series of dramas but this latest iteration has my interest because it stars Yang Mi rocking the period drama look HARD (i.e. gorgeously) and also because I’m hoping it saves this lackluster … Continue reading

C and TW-Stars Run the Fashion Gamut for Vogue Film Fashion Exhibit

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Stars and More Stars Descend on China’s Fun and Fab iQiyi 2016 Award’s Show

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Character Posters for Epic 3D Movie L.O.R.D. Showcases Huge Chinese Acting Cast

C-writer/producer Guo Jingming has been flying high for well over a decade in C-ent, thanks to popular novels and later adaptations into even more popular hits like the Tiny Times movie series. His first novel Ice Fantasy is currently getting … Continue reading