Ariel Lin Transcends Kitschy Couture at Skin Care Event in Taipei

In an impressive display of professionalism, Ariel Lin showed up this past weekend at a promo event for a body care product rocking what is best described as attire better suited for a cosplay event. I’m sure someone designed the hella kitschy ensemble, which stands out even more in this day and age when media events are by and large dialed into the cool and/or sophistication.

Poor Ariel is doing her best to smile and show off her outfit, which I assume must have something to do hawking Biore body wash. If the point was to put Ariel in something skimpy in order to maximize the display of her soft skin, and claim it’s all thanks to using Biore in the shower, then the gauzy over layer should have been dispensed with. Alas, all I see is excess silly made sweet thanks to Ariel’s beaming smile and game attitude. Girl gets an A for effort!


Ariel Lin Transcends Kitschy Couture at Skin Care Event in Taipei — 12 Comments

  1. The first thing I thought was, it’s a dress even I can sew (I’m really bad at it!!!) and then use it as a costume for my little niece at next carnival. Probably with some fairy wings…
    But to wear it as grown-up in an any kind of event shows Ariel is professional in every way. I admire her.

  2. I guess it matches the Biore backdrop…? Lol, my first thought was that it looked like a cosplay outfit; at first, I thought she was doing another video game CF.

    Koala, have you heard anything about the new movie Ariel just starting filming for? I know she mentioned something on her birthday about starting to film a new movie with “an interesting theme,” but I haven’t seen anything else about it yet…

  3. May I the only one who thinks the dress doesn’t look that bad? I mean us normal people would never wear something like that but celebrities always dress more outrageously ya

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