Marry Me or Not Holds Charming Press Conference and Premieres Sunday November 1st

Yay! It’s finally here, the premiere of TW-drama Marry Me, or Not this Sunday November 1st. It’s only fitting that the drama got a Sunday night prime airing slot since the drama reunites the leads from the last big hit Sunday night drama which was Office Girls back in 2011. It was only four years ago but feels like a lifetime, at least for me. Marry me stars Roy Qiu and Alice Ke as a bickering couple, Alice and Joanne Tseng as best friends turned rivals, and Harry Chang as the guy who ruined the girls’ friendship in the first place.

I knew there was an intended two couple set up in the drama, but I totally didn’t pay attention to the early news articles because the names ought to have tipped me off to something that I just recently realized – Roy and Joanne’s characters are siblings in the drama! That means there really won’t be able couple swapping feint, incest is so not a TW-drama thing. That’s a relief, not the no incest part, but the lack of romantic complications is much appreciated since all I want to watch is Roy and Alice light the screen on fire, with a bonus treat of Joanne and Harry finally connecting as adults after a missed chance back in college.

Final previews for Marry Me, or Not:


Marry Me or Not Holds Charming Press Conference and Premieres Sunday November 1st — 14 Comments

      • Oh good I didn’t know about this till you posted so I nearly died when I read it.

        Eeek and it’s today. So need to look for the raw tomorrow.

    • If you check dramawiki, it’s Joanne and Roy’s characters that are the siblings (same last name), so I think it was just an accidental typo.

  1. Hi sorry can I confirm: How many episodes will this drama have? And by “Sunday night prime airing slot” does it mean only 1 episode per week?

    Thank you!!:) Hope this drama does well I’m really looking forward to it^~^

      • Lol. One ep a week? For 24 weeks? Ugh.

        Will have to wait til a lot of eps have been subbed(that is if I can stay away haha). I have to get used with this format. I Am Sorry, I Love You and Taste of Love are already testing my patience. Is it one ep per week for all tw-dramas? Sorry, I’ve just ventured into this world haha.

    • @fuzzy: Most prime time twdramas are one episode per week, which is kind of nice in some respects because the episodes are rather long (90 minutes on average). Sometimes it’s a pain to wait a whole week, but you get used to it, haha.

      There are some twdramas that air daily, but those are usually more popular among older audiences and their episode count can run insanely high.

  2. Can’t wait to go nd each ep 1. Press conference was great. I didn’t pay attention at all to the earlier articles in which Roy and Alice’s character one each other as teenagers. So that now makes some things make more sense to me.

    I did know that Roy and Joanne’s character were siblings. Been out all day, can’t watch yet.

  3. Bolin Chen cameo in episode 2! I saw him in the previews for the upcoming episode and confirmed it by doing a quick google. Yup, he did a free guest appearance (無酬客串) for Marry Me, or Not. Yahoo!

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