Kim So Hyun Cast in KBS Drama Page Turner and Drops Adorable Winter Pictorial

At this point in her acting career, child-turn-teen actress Kim So Hyun has reached a level where her presence can singlehandedly make something better. Who Are You: School 2015 was as forgettable as it comes narrative wise, but I’ll always remember it rather fondly for Kim So Hyun’s twin performance that was incredibly diverse and nuanced for one so young. 2016 is going to give her another shot at challenging herself – Kim So Hyun has been confirmed as the female lead for screenwriter Park Hye Ryun‘s upcoming three-episode drama Page Turner. The drama has been scooped up by KBS and will air some time in the spring, not sure where it will fall in vis-a-vis Descendants of the Sun and Arbitrarily Fond but it has certainly doubled my interest in the drama with her presence, which is a musical school drama centering around a pianist student played by Kim So Hyun.


Kim So Hyun Cast in KBS Drama Page Turner and Drops Adorable Winter Pictorial — 10 Comments

  1. Is it true Ji soo is confirmed in that drama too? please make it true! i want to see them together, i bet the chemistry will be on fireee.

    oh and i’m glad she’ll have a new drama..too bad it’s only 3 episodes..the plot sounds good! and she looks so pretty in the pics..sch a talented girl.

  2. I’m just disappointed that it’s only 3 episodes. I want to see sohyun and jisoo for more than 3 eps:( I hope the screenwriter recasts them for her next drama. I think she likes sohyun since she was in IHYV too.

  3. Gorgeous as ever! Does anyone know where this spread was featured and/ or what brand of clothing she’s wearing? The winter jackets are beautiful!

  4. She looks really beautiful…I was so surprised she looked bland in The Moon Embraces the Sun. But now she looks all grown up and in full blossom.

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