First Teaser Peek at Arbitrarily Fond’s College Campus Filming with Kim Woo Bin and Suzy

It was expected that there would be fast updates once filming begins on 2016 airing K-drama Arbitrarily Fond with Kim Woo Bin and Suzy. Both are extremely popular in Korea and as long as it was being filmed domestically there would be fan sightings aplenty and that is indeed the case as the fans are out in full force it seems thanks to the first filming taking place last week on a college campus. Way to not to keep it under wraps, a college campus is basically ground zero for information to spread.

I wasn’t sure if the prior connection between the two leads characters were in childhood or older but it appears to be a college era first love type romance. I don’t know why but visually Kim Woo Bin and Suzy totally do it for me, and if I end up loving their characters then it’s going to be so much easier to vault over any acting limitations. The fan teaser poster is wonderfully moody with the hazy look, and the one fan pic of Kim Woo Bin laying on Suzy’s leg has me squeeing already at the cute.


First Teaser Peek at Arbitrarily Fond’s College Campus Filming with Kim Woo Bin and Suzy — 22 Comments

  1. Both of them look young!! I even saw a video where he pushed her legs nearer so he could lie down more comfortably. Keke

    But the “teaser photo” that you said, is actually a fan edit.. There are others if u search for it. Also, she actually had a song collaboration with Show, not some coffee cf. I hope you could write these articles more accurately. But still thanks for the news.

  2. I know what you mean. I was shipping this couple already before their dating news broke so.this is a dream come true for me.

    Visually they are just so perfect for each other and like you I squealed like crazy when i saw the video

    • Err….. they’re not dating. Suzy is dating Lee Minho and Woobin is dating Shin mina. Well, at least, last I heard they were. 🙂

      • I meant before they were found to be dating other people I was shipping them together based purely on looks.

        Didn’t realised it sounded that way when I typed it.

      • Fully expected. It will do decently because of her popularity, but will not be a smash because frankly she’s not that great of an actress, certainly not of a caliber to be carrying a serious movie. She’s fabulous for 30 seconds to one minute. I just wish she would stay in CFs where she belongs. I fully expect this show to be fluffy and predictable and with plenty of “chemistry” – if you are looking for it with a microscope. In terms of acting, she’s just not all that, and neither is he.

      • ‘decently’? ‘Not a big flop’? The daily admissions figures published by the Korean Film Council indicate otherwise.

        I doubt it’ll even get half a million admissions. And considering the amount of hype it received and the fact that even a film 3 weeks old is doing better, that is a resounding flop.

    • You sound exactly like this one user on OneHallyu constantly sprouting the same thing.

      Considering Park Bo Young’s film by your standard did just as badly I don’t see you mentioning her.

      The movie also stars other people and you seem to put the blame on Suzy only from your later comment.

      This isn’t even about the movie but a different drama. If you have nothing nice or productive to say try not saying anything.

      • Park Bo Young’s movie isn’t doing well but even it isn’t as huge a flop as this. And it didn’t receive even close to the level of hype that this movie got.

        ‘the movie also stars other people’

        Sure, but none of them are the focus of the publicity campaign the way Suzy is – it’s marketed as proof of how she is a Serious Actress at last. She’d have taken the credit if it did well, but now it’s her flop movie. Which is funny because fans like to brag about what a great commercial success she always is in lead roles…well, enjoy being brought down a peg 😀

  3. Great pics despite being blurry. hope this drama will be good and looking forward to see more pics of them and the second leads im couple 🙂

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