Latest Previews for Cheese in the Trap Shows Leads Park Hae Jin and Kim Go Eun’s Interesting Chemistry

It feels a bit like a ball, all that attention on the casting of upcoming tvN drama Cheese in the Trap, and then seemingly less attention now that it’s filming and releasing promos and previews. It’s not a bad thing necessarily, dial down the hype a bit so the end product doesn’t have unrealistic and towering expectations to meet. The drama released new previews that show more scenes from the drama, and a someone who hasn’t read the webtoon I’m liking to vibe between leads Park Hae Jin and Kim Go Eun. He does look a tad too old to believably pass as a college student but that aside visually he’s a ringer for the way the male lead is drawn. Kim Go Eun is just so effortlessly natural I can already see that it’ll be a treat to watch her onscreen. The drama actually premieres January 4th (so soon!) so I’ll be on the lookout for even more teaser goodies.

Cheese in the Trap preview:


Latest Previews for Cheese in the Trap Shows Leads Park Hae Jin and Kim Go Eun’s Interesting Chemistry — 13 Comments

  1. Oh Park Hae Jin! Loved him since his debut in Infamous Chil Sisters which was my first Kdrama. Thought he would hit it big sooner. So I’m simply thrilled for him getting the attention and adoration.

    • +1

      I first saw him in MLFT and i liked him more than KSH, then i totaly loved him in bad guys (planning to watch his previous dramas). he totaly deserves recognition and i hope CITT will rise him to a popular star level. he sure is talented!

  2. PHJ maybe older, but he’s like wine..improving every year.
    starting to like KGE..she has a cute aura and i think she’ll deliver well hong sul.
    I especially love their evident chemistry, that is a good sign for the drama. now the wait becomes harder to january 4. the teasers are all so good and PHJ really sells me the jung vibe. mysterious and dark..

  3. *swoon* I can take Haejin as a college student. Older actors have played high schoolers too! College students have a wider age range anyway.

    I’m suddenly excited for this, despite not knowing the source material. ^^

  4. I want to know who thought PHJ could believably pass as a college student lol. I’m not saying he looks old, but he’s 32 and looks it.

  5. I can already tell from the trailers the Eun Hyuk’s actor is doing a horrible job of portraying his character…he’s so wooden and stiff, his expressions and intonations barely change. :/

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