Yoo Seung Ho Grows Up in Remember and Becomes a Lawyer with a Vengeance

My affection for any of my fave actors or actresses don’t blind me to any shortcomings with acting or script in any drama or movie. I can still enjoy it with caveats, and that’s the case with Yoo Seung Ho‘s first prime time drama return after military service. Remember (Son’s War). He’s been pretty underwhelming, the acting is there but not the chemistry with the other leads. The drama has been doing promising with ratings, taking over the lead already in its second week after premiere. It’s keeping my interest more than its predecessor The Village (Achiara’s Secret), which just put me to sleep even with the wonderful Moon Geun Young in it.

Remember showed hand right off with the bat with the audience and characters knowing the truth, so it’s spending all the time on the sly and heartbreaking ways of keeping the truth buried and sacrificing an innocent man to do so. That’s effectively sucked some air out of the tension, but thankfully Park Sung Woong is singlehandedly keeping the drama energy high with the most interesting character and best performance among the cast – there’s pretty Yoo Seung Ho to gave upon and magnetic Park Sung Woong to watch for the drama excitement. I’m hoping that Yoo Seung Ho’s character gets way more interesting now with the time jump and his growing out of the wide-eyed sad sap high school student phase.


Yoo Seung Ho Grows Up in Remember and Becomes a Lawyer with a Vengeance — 9 Comments

  1. I started watching the drama for Yoo Seung Ho only! However I want to see YSH as a man not a high school kid hahaha I can’t wait for the time jump but at this moment it really is actor Park Sung Woong that has me watching this drama! What a great actor! Also thumbs up to Nam Goong Min…. man he really is a awesome villain type but like you have mentioned before I hope he doesn’t get pigeon holed

  2. i like Yoo Seung Ho but i must say I was disappointed. His acting skills used to be much better. Hopefully he gets better later. This is my first time watching Nam Goong Min. He is really quite good. Park Sung Woong is the most interesting character so far. Brilliant performance too.

    • It’s a melodrama what do you expect? Besides crying suits the character right now. Don’t tell me you wouldn’t cry if one of your parents was on death row for a crime they hadn’t commit and was forgetting everything to a point where he or she wouldn’t recognize you.

  3. I haven’t watched it yet, but it sounds like maybe 4 eps of the past was too long? They should’ve shown a badass YSH earlier or something?

    • Also haven’t watched but 4 eps seem too long. Maybe it would work with a prologue ala Misaeng?(God knows I got through all the pain in that drama because of that hopeful prologue)

      Anyways, I’m looking forward to see Yoo Seung Ho and can’t wait for this drama to wrap up so I can marathon it. 🙂

  4. Watched this already and never even pass my mind that 4eps of background was too long. they set the setting quite perfectly and everyone’s acting is amazing! Im quite sad that park min young’s character is still so underdeveloped right now but lets see whats gonna happen in the future. Other than that omg must watch! Ep 5 n 6 are just…..beyond expectation????

    • I seriously still cant understand why they put her in there anyway. Every time I see her in the drama, I just feel that her character is so not needed. Cant feel the chemistry between her and YSH oso, nah uh not one bit.?

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