Lee Jong Seok Confirms Next Project as Korean-Chinese Drama Emerald Jade Lover

It was clearly bound to happen, and now the when and what have been answered. Lee Jong Seok has just confirmed his next acting project, and he becomes the latest in a long string of Korean actors and actresses heading over to China to be a small fish in a much bigger pond. With Lee Jong Seok, he’s already a medium sized fish over in the Chinese pond thanks to popular in China K-dramas like I Hear Your Voice, Dr. Stranger, and Pinocchio.

Lee Jong Seok will be the leading man in upcoming Korean-Chinese drama Emerald Jade Lover, the sister production to Rain’s hit C-drama this summer Diamond Lover. Emerald Jade Lover will be a fantasy period drama set in 1930’s Shanghai, so think the romanticism of the Bund circa famed Shanghai Bund type drama. Emerald Jade Lover will be directed by K-drama PD Jin Hyuk, reuniting him with Lee Jong Seok who he directed in Dr. Stranger. Filming starts in January in Shanghai for a three month shoot.

The production of Emerald Jade Lover has confirmed that the leading lady will be an A-list Chinese actress, which narrows down the possibilities to the handful that have been starring in drama after drama in recent years – namely Tang Yan, Zhao Li Ying, Liu Shi Shi, and Zheng Shuang. Crystal Liu is busy with the movie version of Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles Peach Blossoms, while Yang Mi is going to be doing the drama version of that same story. I doubt movie stalwarts like Bai Bai HeFan Bing Bing, Sun Li, or Zhao Wei will be lured to do a drama like this, so really it’s the first four ladies I named who have the biggest chance of getting the role. Personally I’d go for Zhao Li Ying, she’s adorable and I can see her shining in an early Republic era period role.


Lee Jong Seok Confirms Next Project as Korean-Chinese Drama Emerald Jade Lover — 29 Comments

  1. I think this is not bad at all as it will be co produced by SBS and directed by korean PD. Well, we should be happy. I like PD Jin Hyuk and Master sun is one of my favourites.

  2. Lee Jung suk chinese drama sounds interesting. You actully posted a leak which had him doing a chinese drama guess these infos were dead on and correct

  3. Chinese drama probably pays better and since it’s all fully pre-filmed, it’s not as tiring for the actors too.
    Hopefully the script is good and able to showcase his talent.
    Zhao Li Ying would be a fantastic choice indeed, she’s a fantastic actress!
    Pls pls pls don’t let it be Tang Yan.

  4. I don’t know anything about Chinese dramas, but I keep reading that it might be Zheng Shuang? Liu Shi Shi looks like Lee Boyoung though so I vote for her. lol

  5. I’m shocked about

    1) LJS doing a Chinese period drama. In all honesty I think he’ll look extremely out of place.
    2) Zheng Shuang being an A-list actress.

  6. Small fish in a big pond? I’m not really sure unless you mean he’s small compared to how many Chinese people there are in the industry. Of course, there’s also more Chinese dramas/shows/movies, but I feel like Korean actors are in a different league. They definitely seem to be at a higher demand and now able to cross into Western media. I say this as a Chinese person as well. I definitely don’t think Chinese media dominates anymore at this point.

    • The Chinese movies has been solid for a while, as they rightfully claimed the 2nd biggest movie industry in the world. The dramas are still very shaky, but the quality is improving exponentially, especially in the ancient period settings. The sheer volume of movies and dramas produced per year would be enough to qualify for a “big pond”, though most of them are crappy and remains relatively unknown outside China. However, China is still the biggest Asian market, and Western recognition plays a relative minor role, even for kdramas.

    • What Ivana said is right. Right now the fastest growing movie market is China and is second only to the US. Many trade analysts believe that in a few years the Chinese movie market will overtake the US market for first place given the large audiences it caters to and the sheer amount of screens China has. That’s why so many big Hollywood franchise films decide to have a token Chinese actor/actress to cash in on the big business there. Korea is still very far behind in being seen as a contender when it comes to the film market.

    • The kdrama audience in China is still a niche though, so yeah I’d say he’s still not big to the general public there even though he’s big among China’s kdrama watchers. It’s just that Korea-China productions are in right now, but I wonder how long that trend will last.

      As a Jongsuk fan, I really hope he makes a good impression. Even though the dub will likely ruin the drama for me anyway.

  7. I hope no dubbing…Korean actors and actresses have better voice tone in comparison in my opinion. It will sound weird if they use a high voice for him like I noticed in a lot of Chinese dubbed shows.

  8. I would root for Zhao Li Ying, but she’s currently filming 老九门 with William Chan and Lay, so I don’t think her schedule will allow it.

    Zheng Shuang an A-list actress? Pssh… She’s popular because of that Hana Yori Dango adaptation. Her acting is just so stiff.

  9. plz dont let it be TY/LSS. TY in way to much drama already. LSS is married to old man. so it will be awkward to see her romancing LJS in his first chinese/korean drama.

  10. Please let it be Zhao Li Ying!!! And a huge no if its Tang Yan for me, she’s not only in too many drama but she is someone who I don’t quite care about.

  11. As a LJS’ fan and given that I’ve started taking interest in C drama recently, I should be looking forward to this upcoming C-K collab. But the director may turn me off thanks to his train wreck Dr. Stranger. Besides, among all the C-period dramas I’ve watched, plots based on 30s setting are the least interesting to follow because of all the controversial sociopolitical conflicts involved between the then-ruling party and the then-underground communists. I tried to watch several famous/popular C period dramas of 30s (or post Ching dyanst.) None of these dramas has succeeded in keeping me stay through the last eps. So, I don’t hold much expectation over this drama. May just skip it.

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