We Got Married Couple Kim So Yeon and Kwak Si Yang Do Romantic Pictorial for Cosmopolitan Korea

I don’t watch long running K-variety show We Got Married, but like a casting for a drama I always take note of which entertainers are paired up together. One of the odder couplings for the show has been current noona-dongsaeng acting couple of Kim So Yeon and Kwak Si Yang. She’s 35 and he’s 28 so the 7 year age gap isn’t terribly wide or insurmountable, it’s just that she projects a much more mature and sophisticated vibe to his big boy next door appeal. I’ll leave it to those watching the show to share some thoughts about whether the chemistry and connection is there to make their segments fun to watch, but the recently released couple’s pictorial in for the January 2016 edition of Cosmopolitan Korea is certainly fun to view. The one where they are cuddling is my absolute fave, it feels like the candid moment caught by the photographer and the natural chemistry is totally there.


We Got Married Couple Kim So Yeon and Kwak Si Yang Do Romantic Pictorial for Cosmopolitan Korea — 15 Comments

  1. Sorry the pairing doesn’t work for me. Despite the 7 years age differnce, it just seems more for some reason. Reminds me of a puma and her prey. Just sayin’

  2. I caught some of their earlier episodes and she seems like a complete heodang. :’D SiYang keeps on ending up saving her from common appliances. She seems so shy and timid, but maybe they’ve become more comfortable with each other?

    • Right!!!? Yeah its almost like she’s trying to act like “damsel in distress” for him … It comes out awkward because I use to seeing a very strong,”I know what I want” kind of a woman. Saw the 1st ep than went back later to see how it had progress and…. Hasn’t change. I can’t understand how a woman of 35 can act that way. Oh well

  3. accd to my friends who watches WGM, they are actually nice to watch. the 3 couples currently on WGM are actually doing well. i watch but only the segment of Sungjae and Joy coz despite being scripted, they’re nice to watch. plus they’re more like on the dating stage and so sweet. Sungjae is naughty funny in WGM.

  4. I think the aged gap 7 for nothing Kim So Yeon so young and beautiful and innocent .Kwak Si Yang who mature enough and the way he take care of his wife perfect I love them . Fighting !

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