Jang Geun Seok Discusses His Childhood, Charitable Activities, and Life Choices in First 2016 K-ent Interview

The curious case of Jang Geun Seok‘s entertainment career since his acting career high moment with 2009 K-drama You’re Beautiful is one where his diehard fans have it right and the casual fans are just off the mark because we don’t get him. He’s finally venturing back into K-ent to start off 2016 by being a producer and MC for the variety elimination program Produce 101, which starts off with 101 girl K-pop trainees competing for 10 spots to form a girl group for one year. He would have been back last year with hit variety show Three Meals a Day: Fishing Village but for his tax scandal derailing his participation, which I totally found an overreaction.

But seeing Jang Geun Seok lately, and cemented with this recent New Year’s day photo spread and interview for a variety of K-news outlets, I sense that he’s really happy with his life and is content with his choices, and that makes me want to sigh and move on from any lingering sense of disappointment that he’s not been a serious actor these past few years. Jang Geuk Seok spoke about how he grew up poor, with the hit song “Yanghwa Bridge” basically a reflection of his own childhood, and he initially became an actor solely to make money. But now he realizes that desire is like a snowball and he wants to stop, instead election to do many charitable activities and donations each year while pursuing the career choices of his own election.


Jang Geun Seok Discusses His Childhood, Charitable Activities, and Life Choices in First 2016 K-ent Interview — 18 Comments

  1. I’m actually surprised more actors don’t make the same choice. Happy that he’s content. Nothing wrong with pursing his goals regardless of what is expected. As long as he lives as a decent human being, what else truly matters?

  2. Awww he looks different…all grown up– in a good way I guess…looking forward to his upcoming projects hopefully a new drama.

  3. I really like him.. Waiting for his drama comeback.. But it’s kind of double standards with you here.. When Koo hye sun does the same by choosing the path that she likes and make her own career decisions you laugh at her as you hate her but appreciate Jang..

    • The problem with her is she tries a lot of things…but wasn’t excelling in any. Now, I don’t really care for the, “Now if you are so good, why don’t you try it?” I didn’t say I am, that’s why i didn’t expose myself. Just stating my opinion when someone exposes his/herself regarding his/her “talent.”

      I like her…she’s pretty…and sounds like a sweetheart…but her acting…it’s just…not my cup of tea.

      • I respect your option. But I don’t understand how you judge her other talents . ok, let me speak from ur POV. You judge her acting from her dramas.. But how do you judge her other talents? Her composition “Breath”topped in QQ music charts of China.. Her new age album Breath2 also topped Korean chart for new age music.. Her arts are recognised that she conducted art exhibitions last year . again, coming to your POV, she might not have directed the movies that you expect.. Her movie “Daughter” was screened to the members of Congress to prevent child abuse.. Her directorial documentary “Heo nan seolhan” won grand prize at MBC. It also won top award at 48th Houston international film festival . I feel like many only know whatshe is trying.. Just names of the fields she try.. Not actually know what she achieved on that. Her agency dint promote these achievements in a way that could reach people like you . I m sure that, you know these things only after you read my post. Just because her drama ratings got down, people say she is not good at anything.. I m not here to fight or do anything.. Just wanted to emphasize that though these two people are similar but are treated differently.

  4. I’ve read his full interview yesterday at his thread in soompi and I’m glad his back in Korean entertainment again. I was disheartened when he was edited out from TMD Fishing Village last year. Hope to see him in a drama before he do his military service. Jang Keun Suk, cheers to your new show!

  5. *sending an encouraging hug his way* no matter what, I believe that he is the good kid. he might have been or maybe still is a little weird, but where would this world be without the special people? anyway, whatever he chooses to do in the future, I will remember this special kid

  6. i admire JGS for his thoughts and love reading his interviews. I always find something positive to take away from them. He is an innovator, creative and walks a path his mind dictates. For a young man extent of his success solely on his own merit is admirable. It’s therefore surprising and disappointing why he could not continue to fly high as an actor after a great start.
    He is a great son, friend and Human being.
    I wish him well….
    Btw…….I am not an eel……:)

  7. Spoken like one who has grown wise and matured along with life’s ups and downs.

    Good to know 🙂

    Btw, the thing that they do lately with their thumb and finger like they are asking for money – what is that??

  8. ‘guess he got tired of the whole “pretty boy” image and I truly hope this is his new image coz I’m lovin his style here in these photos. Very age appropriate and he still needs a haircut but I’m sure that’ll come later. That tax scandal was meant to sabotage his career c’mon like he did that on purpose knowing the consequences. He would have been great on Three Meals A Day. But whatever,let him take it slow for now. He is a good actor so let’s wait for his comeback. Fighting, Oppa!

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