Tzuyu and TWICE Emerge From Intense Media Week to Attend Idol Olympics

Looks like everyone can slowly go back to their regularly scheduled programming now after a whirlwind week of scandal on a fast-track scale. I think from when the allegations against Tzuyu of Korean girl group TWICE for being pro Taiwanese independence first broke, the whole cycle took around one week and was one of the most intense and widespread I’ve ever seen in terms of how many countries got involved (Korea, China, Taiwan) and how even the not involved international media covered it thanks to the timing of the presidential elections in Taiwan.

Looks like TWICE’s activities and CFs in China are back on now after Tzuyu issued a videotaped apology, though Tzuyu herself may lay low and not do anything in the Mainland for the time being. The group’s promotions in Korea continue onward and the girls all made an appearance over the weekend to attend practice for the upcoming Idol Olympics. The media was naturally wanting to see how Tzuyu is faring and she appeared arm-in-arm with her group mates though looking understandably tired and a bit wan. I’m just glad this issue is hopefully over now and an underage 16 year old girl can go back to her fledgling idol career without being a political pawn for any side.


Tzuyu and TWICE Emerge From Intense Media Week to Attend Idol Olympics — 22 Comments

      • it’s like KBS said, “We don’t want you to in, because our biggest market is in The Mainland, please understand, and see you, only if Mainland’s people start to like you again”

  1. You go Tzuyu! It’s horrible that she was tangled in this mess for no honest reason. I’m expecting her to make her name even bigger in the future.

  2. Might add, Chinese Lin Gengxin mocked Tzuyu’s apology.

    The guy is an adult and has almost 30 million followers on Weibo.. and he mocks the poor girl on his weibo?? He is a jerk for bullying this poor girl.

    I call this bullying because he has lots of fans, was bashing an 16 old girl that was already getting too much hate.

    • I don’t know him even I watched BBJX but he didn’t impress me at all. Never mind. Anyhow, I’ll keep in mind his name from now on and definitely skip any of his projects be it dramas or variety shows.

    • I read it as a mocking of hers and JYPs rushed attempt to cover their arses. Ingenuine fluff. How many Taiwanese actually want a to be part of the Mainland? I know I wouldn’t. She said what she said for her and JYPs need to tap into the mainland market. She didn’t mean an inkling of it, being a mere puppet reading off a piece of paper and he knows it. Poor girl probably has no idea what’s going on.

    • Lin Gengxin has always been a simple jokester and was just making a joke, not bashing her or being mean. Twisted out of proportion.

      He defended Yoona when she was being bashed, I can’t see him actually attacking any women.

      • Except he did attack a woman. And a child at that. Sorry your fave is problematic. Deal or get out of the way.

      • Yoona was his costar. It’d look really stupid if she was being bashed and he didn’t say anything.

        Tzuyu’s issue was all over weibo and the news. There’s no way he didn’t know what was going on. Either he was being an asshole and mocked a girl who didn’t do anything wrong, or he’s just a dumbass who found humor in something a rational person would not find humorous.

    • Clown show was initiated by a Taiwanese singer to be exact. It’s will die down but might leave a scar for her. Netizens are immature and get stirred up easy, as with most parts of the world.

      • That Taiwanese singer claims himself a Chinese. Besides, he’s been residing in China for a while. So legitimately he’s a Chinese.

      • So now you recognize Taiwan as a separate country with independent citizenship nothing to do with Chinese regime. LOL

  3. Random Taiwanese lawyer sueing JYP on human rights grounds for forcing her to apoligise. Some People don’t want to leave it alone it seems.

  4. Honestly people are making this a bigger issue then it is ,yes JYP has other artists he has to think about but this girl is 16 ,she made what they seem to think is a mistake ,she apologized,is it really something to hunt the poor girl for ????

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