Lotte Chooses Lee Min Ho as its Best Star Model for 2015


Lee Min Ho keeps winning awards, and this particular one feels super fitting for him. He just won duty free brand Lotte‘s Best Model award for 2015, which is no small feat since the brand employs many many Hallyu stars (idols and acting talent) to pose for various campaigns. The win feels rather empty since Lee Min Ho has been one of the most popular Hallyu actors in recent years, and one that remains the face of Korea for the general public when conjuring up K-ent faces and names.

It waits to be seem if he can keep up the momentum this year in 2016 with his movie Bounty Hunters and likely considering a K-drama swan song before he enlists for military service. His Lotte ads are nowhere near my favorite, and hardly anything to write home about, but conceptually he really is the current IT poster child for K-stardom, and it’s nice of Lotte to acknowledge that’s he’s likely brought them major dough with his combination of good looks and rather inoffensive niceness. There is basically nothing objectionable about current Lee Min Ho, and similarly nothing edgy, but who knows what he’s got planned for the upcoming year.






Lotte Chooses Lee Min Ho as its Best Star Model for 2015 — 18 Comments

    • At the same time, yet another “award” for Lee Min Ho is not exactly taking a dramatic walk on the wild side for Lotte. He’s so well known and well established that this is like the safest choice possible. It would be like Walmart giving Madonna an Aging Superstar Award.

  1. As Minoz myself I’m really not think about awards and what not? My major concern remains the drama and whos getting cast etc etc. My thoughs are comepletely elsewhere to even notice a model award for ffs but looking forward to that drama. Hope the best luck for Minho

  2. Wait what? this article seems very unusual tho. what happened to koala is she okay? But please do not support his upcoming cuz I’m afraid of the Jinx

  3. despite my dislike on minoz and LMH’s acting, i’d rather like him getting the award as I’m sick of KSH winning everything.

  4. I had to re-read the article several times to make sure what I read was something that was actully written. nonetheless a five years of religiously anti-campaign then a tribute article. something dosen’t seem right

  5. He’s no doubt a very good looking and charming man, and I can see why he’s so so so popular all over Asia. I do agree that these Lotte photos are nothing to write home about.

    I’ve never ever found koala’s articles about Min Ho anti-LMH at all, I really do not understand the reaction of his fans.

  6. lol, I always felt this blog was somewhat of an anti-LMH. The backhanded compliments in the past were obvious. But yea, really like the guy and I’m waiting for Bounty Hunter’s previews. I expected it to be out already by now/…

  7. Koala is one of most funniest blogger i ever came across first she write about LMH and insult him with sugar coating words than wise MINOZ know what bullshit she up to and when things goes out of her control she delete that article.Than few days later she again write about lmh and repeat same process i guess lmh not help the brand to reap profit but also this koala ajumma, as mostly lmh articles get more comments. poor she always need to write about a person she seems hate (lmh)to get her money..what a pitty life she live

  8. Very pretty, but outright boring. I wish he finds another City Hunter project so he can shake off the boring. Sorry guys, but that’s what I feel.

    • he is on top as he has been through the years. but he needs to find a new agency to make some changes and spice up his career. starhaus is kinda boring and lazy to find new projects and challenges for him.

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