Crystal Liu Remains an Onscreen Period Goddess in Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles Peach Blossoms

Filming is underway for the C-movie adaptation of popular fantasy period novel Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles Peach Blossoms, and the early conceptual and costume fitting stills featuring female lead Crystal Liu are stunning and exquisite. I have no doubts male lead Yang Yang, who looks like an Asian marble god statue come to life, will look just as good when arrayed in the attire of his character. Crystal has long enjoyed the reputation as an onscreen period goddess but the color most often associated with her is white, thanks to playing two Louis Cha novel female leads who always wore white, namely Xiaolongnu in Return of the Condor Heroes and Wang Yu Yan in Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils. That makes her bold red color in early concept posters for Three Lives so much more dazzling, it’s like she’s shedding the cool innocent image for a brazen fiery one. She’ll also be wearing lots of white in this movie as well, and honestly she’s just so ungodly pretty it’s only fitting she’s playing a goddess in this story.


Crystal Liu Remains an Onscreen Period Goddess in Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles Peach Blossoms — 6 Comments

  1. If I get a chance, I’ll watch this movie, not for Crystal Liu, but to see the rising star Yang Yang. Now he’s being hyped by C ent, with a huge fan club following. So far I was impressed with two of his dramas – Tornado Girl and the Lost Tomb thanks to his irrefutable screen presence, how he interpreted the pivotal characters in those two novels that I read, and how the novel writers complimented him on making their heroes alive. But he’s not experienced as a male lead. So I’m really curious how he’s gonna make another novel character alive again. I hope he doesn’t fail my high expectation over him as a very talented actor. Unlike some overrated young C actors who look almost the same with the same flowery looks and aura in different dramas, Yang Yang is someone who can let go and fully immerse himself in the characters he played, be it a main lead or a small role, a bubbly playboy or a taciturn/composed guy, an asshole or a mysterious super being.

  2. I never attracted to korean saeguk maybe their costume isn’t as ‘glamour’ as chinese traditional costume in movie or drama.

  3. not to be nitpicky, but those first and second images seem like photoshopped fan works
    that red costume I think, is from Tong Que Tai? the movie
    And the second is a still of her from Return of the Condor Heroes, when Xiaolongnu is about to marry Gongsun Zhi and has all her hair down

    • I noticed too.

      The first is her character Ling Gu (?) in the movie with Chow Yun Fat.

      The 2nd is from ROCH as you say.

      The 3rd is from Shui Ling’s older drama I think. Its definately photoshopped.

      The last photo is a combination of art work from the 90’s for Louis Cha’s work. There are a bunch of them online for all the characters.

  4. LYF (super pretty like always, especially in ancient costume) and Yang Yang seem pretty physically compatible… I wonder if the chemistry is there though. But oh well, I like them both and I haven’t watched ancient stuff in a while so I hope it’ll be good lol

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