Descendants of the Sun Showcases Second Leads Jin Goo and Kim Ji Won in New Stills

In a drama as big-budget and sprawling upcoming KBS Wed-Thurs drama Descendants of the Sun, there will surely be more than one big story line, and likely won’t rely on the leads romance or narrative to solely hold the audience’s attention. I remember being way more into the side stories in Heirs rather quickly in, and the main romance became the filler for me. That means second leads Kim Ji Won and Jin Goo have the potential to win fan hearts if they play interesting characters, deliver solid performances, and have palpable chemistry with each other in their romance.

There are new stills with them in their peacekeeper soldier uniforms, and Jin Goo certainly looks the part in a way that male lead Song Joong Ki just doesn’t on a visual glance. Kim Ji Won is a bit like a little girl playing dress up, but I like her enough to think she has a shot at working it if she tones down the tendency to overact by glaring. At least she doesn’t read her dialogue in a monosyllabic dead like Song Hye Kyo has been doing in her DotS teaser so far.


Kim Ji Won and Jin Goo teaser for DotS:


Descendants of the Sun Showcases Second Leads Jin Goo and Kim Ji Won in New Stills — 18 Comments

  1. I adore Kim Ji Won but wow does she look out of place here! She looks like a 13-year-old wearing a costume. Particularly next to the other actors.

    They should have styled her better to make her look older. I don’t doubt her acting skills but her image is certainly jarring.

    • Yes, short hair on older women might make them look older, but short hair on a girl who’s in her early twenties will just make her look like a teen. Nevertheless, if that famous and respected writer (in Korea at least) trusted her abilities enough to cast her in 2 consecutive dramas, then my guess is the girl has what it takes to pull it off and maybe even shine brighter than the main actress. After all, the korean public seemed more interested in the second leads teaser than the main 2 ones judging by the nr of views those videos have. We’ll see how things work when the drama airs. Will the protagonists win the audience’s interest or will the other 2 gain their attention, just like it happened in the Heirs with KWB’s character?

      • You think that the Korean public is more interested in JG-KJW than SHG-SJK based on views? LMAO…k.

        Also, KES likes KJW enough to cast her in her drama, but apparently not enough because she’s stilllll the perpetual second lead. So, I guess people can look forward to her 10 minutes of screen time per episode.

  2. I can now confirm that you are the leader in the SHK-hater group, Koala. That doesn’t mean you don’t have right to hate someone. You have every right to hate someone and you are doing exactly just that towards SHK. A very strong, clear and consistent hatred.

    • Well, SHK acting looks to be the same from TWTWB and she was portraying a blind person. So her acting is kind of blah and that’s not hating that’s “personal opinion” which some (me) agree. Do I hope in the drama it get better? HELL YEAH!!
      Do I think it’s going to happen? PROBABLY NOT!

  3. Truly rme at the cringe dialogue in that scene, and the faux military-lite concept. But it’s a k-drama, so I’m not necessarily looking for quality. The actress playing the second lead looks totally out of place, they should have gotten someone at least a couple years older for the role, but she’s a second lead so no one will care.

    As for SHG, KES female leads are almost always used as props to help propel the main lead in her dramas and given nothing to work with, so we’ll see.

  4. Haha.. Yes. . I have to agree. koala really does seem to dislike SHK ..judging SHK’s acting based merely on a few short trailers that are shown out of context

  5. It’s not a surprise to me that Koala says negatively about SHG. This is her blog. She has the right to complain and hate anyone she would like to hate. So for those who like SHG: you either leave her blog or accept that you will see more of her bashing here.

  6. Koala , i am really surprised how dark is your heart to have all this hatred towards some one …i can see no place for love or light in it sorry but thats how i feel even when they say you have the right to give your opinion but thats not opinion thats obvious hatred ….I may dislike an actres and dont like her acting ….But i also can see her cute in some times….can see her performance great and praise her acting sometimes ….Not like your consistent hatred Every actor or actress has strong points and weak points no one is perfect
    sorry But you make me regret every time I push myself to see your words But i promise you i Dont want to see these dark words who hide deep hatred behind anymore

  7. KES’s female lead suck… It’s not the actresses’s fault ( people still hate PSH for Heirs even afer Pinocchio)
    But this is Koala’s blog so she can write her own opinion
    Let’s see if KJW would be able to shine here since her usual 2nd female leads are always more interesting

  8. Yes. It is obvious that Ms Koala hates Song Hye Gyo. I am so sure that you guys have someone else to hate. This is an anti-Song Hye Gyo blog but this is also Ms Koala’s blog. So come on guys, if you want to hear nice things about Song Hye Gyo, go to her fansclub forum, don’t come here and ask her to refrain from expressing her hatred.

    • Well I don’t have anyone I hate in my life though that’s why my life has been good so far. Why waste time for hating someone lmao. If i dont like one’s acting, i’ll just skip the drama i dont have time to leave negative comments under every of his/her article. I don’t bother to spread hatred and then have other people to agree and argue with me.. such life is so tiring.. I just have natural feelings with all actors/actresses. I don’t understand why y’all hate SHK so much though tbh yeah I’ve read almost comments in all of DOTS article. I just laughed it off seeing y’all complaint a lot about her and trying to push your opinion on others. Everyone has opinion but try to make it as objective as possible, not based on emotion. Cuz her acting is so fine to me. Y’all probably has high taste/ high expectation? Tone down a bit your expectations and please spread more love in this site. 😉

  9. Dear Ms. Koala,
    I am a fan of SHK in Full House. It is what got me into K-dramas after all. I have not seen any of her other dramas after that, so I do not know how she did in her other projects.
    Then, I watched her in John Woo’s The Crossing. I was disappointed with SHK’s acting there. Compared to Zhang Ziyi, she looked like a newbie. I hope that she has improved.

  10. Without having seen a single episode any judgement on how things is just speculations based on individual perceptions. It should be taken as such without getting upset about it. It may or may not be true ….only time will tell. Definitely. Will have a go at it….how can one not with all the hype! ?

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