New Teaser Preview and Character Poster for Saimdang: The Herstory with Lee Young Ae and Song Seung Heon

It’s been pretty low key in the promotion and buzz around upcoming SBS sageuk drama Saimdang: The Herstory. Other than the initial attention when casting confirmed this drama would be Korean actress Lee Young Ae‘s return to acting in over a decade since headlining the unprecedented worldwide hit drama Dae Jang Geum, the drama settled into quietly pre-filming without getting a confirmed time slot. With Daebak (Jackpot) to follow Six Flying Dragons on Mon-Tues, not sure if SBS wants to keep the sageuk genre going and slot Saimdang in afterwards.

It’s also got big enough names in Lee Young Ae and male lead Song Seung Heon to warrant a Wed-Thurs slot. I’m definitely going to watch for Lee Young Ae’s comeback, she plays a modern day art professor as well as her ancestor who is the historical figure of Saimdang, revered as the mother figure of Confucian ideals in Joseon Korea. There’s a new character poster for Song Seung Heon, who plays her devoted protector and love interest in the drama, and a nicely presented teaser preview that dropped last month in January. I love the artistic presentation of Song Seung Heon in the poster as well as the stylistic visuals in the preview, looks like the production really has its eyes on the ball.

Teaser preview for Saimdang: The Herstory


New Teaser Preview and Character Poster for Saimdang: The Herstory with Lee Young Ae and Song Seung Heon — 11 Comments

  1. The visuals look great, as expected of a big-budget production like this.

    Very worried about Song Seung-heon, in my mind he’s a very weak actor and acting against some brilliant co-stars may highlight how poor he is.

    • But he really improved. His acting in The Third Way of Love wasn’t cringeworthy at all. I was surprised to see that he mastered e.g. crying scenes without making me feel ashamed watching him. So there is hope!

    • Agreed. I have little faith in him but I have a feeling this would be driven by Lee Young Ae’s character anyway so at least we have that going for ourselves!

      • Totally agree. I’ve been touched too by the roles he’s done since the first time I saw him. I love the way he acts, all the passion and strength he puts into his roles. I’ve gladly watched all this drama from the beginning and I’ve been delighted all through, it’s not only the story that is fascinating and beautiful, Ae Young Hee’s character is awesome but it is in fact his character and amazing portrayal of Lee Gyeum what marks in my opinion the best and most attractive part to the story, his character is brilliant and simply wonderful and Song Seung Heon just makes an outstanding touching performance I had never seen before in any character of Joseph times and in my opinion his best role so far!

  2. LYA still lokks so beautiful and I may say that she really is the best one to wear hanbok. She definitely carries it with aura and elegance. Looking forward to this drama.

  3. Totally will check it out due to Lee Youg Ae. I was hoping Jang Dong Gun, Ji Jin Hee or Jung Woo Sung will be the lead but oh well…who am I? lol

  4. This is one of those dramas that for me can be watched on just one name…..Lee Young Ae!
    The fact that she chose that for her comeback…..sells the drama to me. Also…..I have yet to come across a drama/movie based on a real historical figure that has me disappointed. The setting and the main character in trailer spikes the interest even more.

  5. song seung heon is a great actor. I am waiting for this drama. I first saw him in autumn in my heart. ironically the first Korean drama I have ever seen was dea jang gaum.

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