New Preview for Please Come Back Ahjusshi is Laughter and Tears with Much Rain and Oh Yeon Seo Eye Candy

I wonder what the soul swapping mythology of upcoming SBS drama Please Come Back Ahjusshi will be? Does the two dead ahjusshi characters in Kim Soo Ro and Kim In Kwon take over the hottie bodies of Rain and Oh Yeon Seo‘s characters, or are those gorgeous physical shells specifically created for them to finish unfinished life business in grand fashion. It interests me because I’m soooooo shipping the two leads to get together in the end, even though I know this isn’t a standard romance and really who ends up with who isn’t the point of the story at all. It’s just that Rain and Oh Yeon Seo crackle with such great chemistry and visuals together, plus their characters are going to deliver tons of hilarity with the mix up souls bit. I can also see them hamming it up with just the right amount of ooomph. The latest preview delivers both the laughs and tears, showing us that wrong soul in body hijinks may be funny but nothing is funny but death leaving behind grieving loved ones.

3rd preview for Please Come Back Ahjusshi:


New Preview for Please Come Back Ahjusshi is Laughter and Tears with Much Rain and Oh Yeon Seo Eye Candy — 13 Comments

  1. Seriously!! Their chemistry is crazy and they are taking the ghost possesion acting so brilliant!!
    I’m shipping these two so badly.. Do we have to get Lee Min Jung? Blah

  2. Omg i can’t wait anymore.
    Rain and Oh Yeon Seo match really well. They look so hot together ans I can’t wait for the hilarities

  3. *laughs at start of trailer*

    *everyone starts crying*

    Wh… why are there tears??? I want fun. Don’t make us cry too much, Show.

  4. I like Rain in comedy roles. He just so natural in it. Looking forward this. I believe in Oh Yeon Seo. This series will be daebak and could win against DotS and GBMB.

    • I don’t think it can, at least against DOTS (but I’m really willing to be rendered wrong by having this drama coming up on top). It’s indeed possible, but the odds are ever in Song-Song’s favour, it seems.

      On a different note, I’m now confused at this loveline between the two! I really thought they wouldn’t even be on the same romantic plane (especially with LMJ’s character onboard). But, i’m all aboard the Rain-OYS train.

      • Not just Song-Song couple power but also Kim Eun Sook as the writer. Her works always gain more than 20% rating. No matter what i’ll be supporting Rain-OYS couple too

      • At least this will be aired on SBS. So if the story is good, it’s easier to collect fans since Remember has already settled high ratings rather than the other two. But oh well, I just wanna enjoy the dramas.

  5. This looks fun but Rain looks a bit awkward with his acting and LMJ may be the black hole here (i hope i’m proven wrong). I do love all the other casts though.

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