Liu Shi Shi and Wallace Huo Angst Up The Imperial Doctress Premiering February 13th

This Saturday February 13th sees the premiere of period C-drama The Imperial Doctress, which has a good shot at being a hit with C-audiences since it looks decently pretty in visuals and has the potential for super angst. Starring Liu Shi Shi as the titular Imperial Doctress, she goes through the fabled Ming courts to become the first female doctor of that era, and along the way has a complicated romance with two Emperors of the Ming dynasty. I think Liu Shi Shi may need to worry about typecasting herself as the girl who keeps falling for Chinese emperors, first there was Bu Bu Jing Xin and now this. I’m already on team Wallace Huo who plays Emperor Yingzhong (Zhu Qi Zhen), not to diss solid actor Huang Xuan as second male lead Emperor Jingtai (Zhi Qi Yu) but he’s totally not my dish not to mention a dude who gets the girl first and then turns all power hungry for more is so not for me. Check out the final preview for the drama and additional pretty stills to whet the appetite. This drama looks legit visually, I just hope my ship sails in the end so I have a reason to keep watching.

Full preview for The Imperial Doctress:


Liu Shi Shi and Wallace Huo Angst Up The Imperial Doctress Premiering February 13th — 17 Comments

  1. LSS doesn’t really “love” Wallace in this, so the OTP is by right her + HX. I’m totally fine with it though. I’ve decided I’m not going to watch this.

    By the way, HX looks awesome in his upcoming drama with Yang Mi (Les Interprètes).

      • I also remember hearing that. I was disappointed since I wanted to see Wallace/LSS together again after Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei. Don’t know who the other guy is. Not sure whether I’ll watch or not.

      • Yeah I’m so disappointed 🙁 At first I heard that eventually she loves Wallace after the other guy goes evil or during the capture or something. But then I read on Baidu that the other guy dies and LSS leaves the palace leaving Wallace alone. But I think I read that it implies he leaves the palace to go look for her? I’ve started watching it and I quite like it so far- Wallace’s character reminds me of Jin Yuan Bao (with Tang yan) and he’s quite grabby/touchy with LSS which is so adorable.

  2. Literally I wanted to watch this for Wallace and Liu Shi Shi. After I found out a while back that they would not be the main pairing I took a step back. Like do I like Wallace and Liu Shi Shi enough to watch his for them separately? Eh…no I don’t think so if anything I’ll probably start watching Love me if you dare for Wallace.

  3. I will love to see them end up together. But even if that is not the case, it will be a more than pleasant viewing experience to see their pretty faces and fine acting over the next month. Can’t wait. ??

  4. Sadly I’m gonna skip this one too. I wanted Lui Shi Shi and Wallace to be together. No hate for the other guy, but I just want Wallace to get the girl! I can already see Wallace being heartbroken and I don’t want to watch that:(

    • Yeah it reminds of The sound of the desert where I was totally shipping Hu Ge and Shi Shi and literally crying every episode at heartbroken Hu Ge… not to to Eddie is bad but I’m a Hu Ge fan. I don’t know if I can handle that angst again…

  5. Bad decision not to have her and Wallace together- I too just wanted to watch it for them. She seems to have much better chemistry with him than with the other guy.

  6. I agree with most of the people here. I want happy ending for WH & LSS. WH & LSS should make another great drama together then end up as a couple to make it up for the fans. Yay!!!

  7. ooh thanks for the information
    I need to prepare my self not to hope so much for Wallace Huo then, I still hope he gets happiness,
    I hope she loves him though,the poster is misleading me,
    I don’t think I’ve watch Huang Xuan in anything
    I may watched this after half is aired, just to knew what exactly happen
    I can’t take anymore sad wallace huo . . .hmm

    • I’ve heard of that guy but I don’t know him plus I think he’s kinda ugly lol. But that means I don’t have to feel bad for HX if the chance arises… I don’t want to see heartbroken Wallace.

      I mentioned before but apparently HX dies and SS leaves the palace after Wallace wins his throne again. But I think it’s implied that Wallace might go and look for Shi Shi?
      I’m watching it anyway and it’s ok so far- Wallace is really cute in it and especially when he picked Shi Shi cave man style!

  8. Did LSS always end up with wrong guys in her Chinese period dramas? I new to C dramas. But by far her historical dramas seem to give me that kinda impression.

  9. I watched up to episode 10 but decided I’m not watching it any further. I would rather LSS not end up with Wallace’s character only because she’s going to be with his brother…physically…ewwee…but if it ends like how many said above, then I think I’m done with this drama. No use in watching this love triangle gone wrong…and don’t forget the third guy…wonder if her character will be with him too…but all-in-all it was good until I watched the trailer…and actually saw the storyline…

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