New Behind-the-Scenes Preview Showcases the Sprawling Production of Descendants of the Sun

It’s no secret that Descendants of the Sun is super high budget, basically blowing all previous K-dramas out of the water with the overseas location shoots and military/medical story line necessitating sprawling sets and costumes. That’s worth checking this drama out alone, so I think the early murmurings of disappointment with the previews so far are valid but not necessarily a sign of greater concern with the final product. The drama can still be an enjoyable watch even if it doesn’t live up to expectations, depends really on what each segment of the watching audience is tuning in for.

I’m in it for Song Joong Ki, others for Song Hye Kyo, then some for writer Kim Eun Sook, and so on. I think this drama is a stretch for all three main players – Song Joong Ki too slight and baby-faced to convince as an alpha military male, Song Hye Kyo too cool and aloof to sizzle up the screen, and Kim Eun Sook’s skills stretching to write something that aspires on such an epic scale. I’m all for stretching, and hopefully even if it doesn’t stick there will be a soft landing for all. The latest production preview for DotS is my fave so far, a time lapse behind-the-scenes look at the filming, capturing all the hard work that goes into the making of a product for entertainment consumption.

Countdown to Descendants of the Sun:


New Behind-the-Scenes Preview Showcases the Sprawling Production of Descendants of the Sun — 10 Comments

  1. So I get from this is that pre producing a drama somehow kills the online hype. Hopefully tv viewers numbers are good. This needs to be successful for betterment of industry.

    • It will air in China at the same time, so I think they’re aiming to please chinese fans more than online fans. After all, China is where the money’s at.

  2. Do you have the number of money that had been spent to say that this one is the biggest invested drama? The figures that I found shows that this is way behind many other dramas in terms of investment.

    • re-read it so you can understand what she’s pointing out. there’s no contradiction there. she wrote that the disappointments are centred on the previews they released. those voicing out their disappointment were probably expecting something heart-racing and mind-blowing. yet, despite the not-so-awesome trailers, the expectations are still there for the drama to deliver. that’s not a contradiction at all.

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