Unfortunate Makeup Turns Nam Gyu Ri Into a Wax Doll at Drama Press Conference

Call it a case of truly unfortunate make up, paired with someone with enough plastic surgery for this to highlight the features a tad too starkly. K-actress Nam Gyu Ri attended the press conference for upcoming weekend drama Yes, That’s How It Is looking like a waxy doll come to life. I don’t necessarily think she’s gotten more work done in recent days, she basically looks the same from the 49 Days to Cruel City look, but it’s pretty awful what very shellacked white makeup base without any highlighting or contouring can do to emphasize certain immobilized features.

I’m actually super excited to watch Yes, That’s How It Is since it’s a famed screenwriter Kim Soo Hyun penned drama and has the heartwarming bickering with sprawling cast bit that is great to follow along with on weekends without feeling terribly committed. I feel bad for Nam Gyu Ri for stealing the buzz at the press conference in a distracting way, but I think she continues to improve as an actress and if this gets more publicity for the drama then it’s probably a net good result in the end.


Unfortunate Makeup Turns Nam Gyu Ri Into a Wax Doll at Drama Press Conference — 10 Comments

  1. She looks beautiful. Just need to contour and add blush. She one of many actresses that I hope r successful this year. She is good at acting and I did like her in 49 days. Hope this turns out good.

  2. You’re being really nice by calling this a simple makeup mishap.

    Also, when will k-actresses realize that this “dewy” look just makes them look like they need to have their face wiped off with a towel, not like they’re any younger than their actual age? LOL

  3. She looks like a porcelain doll. A bit scary but very beautiful at the same time. I love her in 49 days too.. It’s been so long since i saw her in a drama

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