First Look at 4th Prince and Time-traveling Heroine Filming K-Bu Bu Jing Xin

The goodies for the upcoming K-drama adaptation of Bu Bu Jing Xin keep on coming despite the drama being fully pre-filmed and not airing until much later this year. I’m totally not complaining, all I worry about is this drama not delivering to expectation and/or running out of steam. The first filming stills have been released and features leads IU and Lee Jun Ki doing a snowy scene. I

can’t tell if they are in a scene together but each certainly looks insanely pretty in whatever scene is being filmed. IU looks young but the character of Ruo Xi is young, she’s a teenager in the novel when she time-travels back and the entire romance hinges on the unexpected and huge age gap with her and 4th Prince. Lee Jun Ki is destroying my sanity in his hotness as 4th Prince, a character who is not supposed to be hot but I will not complain if hot is being added to copious amounts of brooding.


First Look at 4th Prince and Time-traveling Heroine Filming K-Bu Bu Jing Xin — 53 Comments

  1. Frankly I’m disappointed with LJK’s casting, simply because original 4th prince is not pretty but it could be me wishing for a Nicky Wu twin.
    I was hoping for Ji Sung or similar actor.

    But maybe if I’m able to view this K-version on its own, rather than as a wannabe, I might be able to enjoy it.

    • Don’t be “misled” by the 4th prince in the C-version of BBJX drama. In the original novel, the 4th prince is described as “玉般的美貌男子” which means a man who is as beautiful as jade.

      So imo, the K-version is following the drama more closely than the C-version in terms of the looks of the 4th prince.

      • really!
        I didn’t read the original novel so if 4th prince is supposed to be as beautiful as 玉, then yes, LJK’s beauty is certainly fitting.

      • I have never read the novel or watched the C-drama, so it’s good to know that the Korean version is following the novel. Thanks Livi! Please continue to provide little bits of information like this to readers like us who has never read the novel, because it’s nice to know details like this when you read about a production.

      • I’m more concerned about the fact that I get an overly broody feel from LJK, whereas as I recall both in the novel and in the C-drama, 4th starts out more as “contained and reserved” rather than straight up angsty and broody. Of course, everything goes to shit by the 1/2 mark and EVERYONE starts looking angsty af so that won’t be a problem eventually.

      • whoa… relax.

        Just expressing an opinion and not trying to make a point on the first place, so yes it is “pointless”. No need to react strongly to an opinion.

  2. A I the only who doesn’t find LJK attractive or good looking? seriously I don’t get it, I’m not saying i think he is ugly but he just looks to pretty boy for me and his look for this drama does not help. I loved Nicky Wu as the 4th Prince and actually find more handsome than LJK for some reason, maybe I’m weird, but then again I don’t find flower boys attractive at all, so I know I’m in the minority. In terms of Asia actors looks I tend to go for the older actors anyway, less obviously good looking ones too but still handsome, but just not the 20 something pretty boy/idols ones, with maybe some exceptions. As for UI, I like her enough to give her a chance in this drama, but the rest of the cast doesn’t make me wanna watch at all, I’m only familiar with one of them.

    • Just like how you don’t think LJK is good looking, I don’t think Nicky Wu is anywhere near good looking. It’s a matter of preferences, but in general I don’t think you’ll find many who share your opinion. NW looked fine when he was younger, but now the proportions on his face are really off. Plus when I was watching the drama I thought he was really stiff. I get that he’s supposed to be a good person, but his lower jaw was so… tight. I didn’t like his portrayal too so I didn’t get why people lauded his performance.

      And I don’t usually find flower boys attractive as well. I’m a fan of Wallace Chung, and I actually like Huang Xuan more than Wallace Huo. So.

    • Don’t worry, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. I’ve watched Nicky in tons of dramas and never found him attractive or handsome. He’s too wooden/stiff for me. I preferred his fellow boyband member Alec Su who I thought was both handsome and expressive, especially his eyes and smile which are so bright and warm.

      As for LJK, I didn’t find him attractive at first just based on his still pictures, but changed my mind after watching him act in TBDAW & Iljimae. Imo, LJK is very charismatic on screen, especially his action/fighting scenes.

    • Got to agree with you, I don’t find him good looking either. I think it’s because he always looks the same, no matter the styling – he looks like an antique, male porcelain doll. However, I can understand how his looks can appeal to others. I just seem to have a differing taste to other K-entertainment fans – cause I do not share the popular opinion on Yoona, Victoria, or Lee Min Ho.

    • I’m with you on that. Wish they got someone more manly. I’m not into flower boys either. And i hope he isn’t angsty right from the beginning. Nicky may not be so good looking but I find him attractive and fit the role of 4th prince. I’ll probably watch a few episodes to get the feel of it. We’ll see.

      • Brace yourself, there were lots of crying and sobbing in the C-version, including some by the princes including 4th & 8th princes.

      • Yes, but it was much, much later in the storytelling if I remember correctly. 4th prince is a stoic.

      • From a previous article by Ms Koala: “Nicky joked that this drama’s version of Emperor Yongzheng makes him the weepiest version in dramatic history. 4th Prince ended up shedding quite a few tears – of rage, frustration, desperation, and sadness.” Agree that the 4th prince was very “controlled and holds everything in with such a poker face.”

    • I’m not feeling this either and one would think the PD knows what the traditional garbs were so why the out-of-era styling?

    • The K-version’s 4th prince supposedly has a scar on his face and his hair is to cover it. In other pics, his hairstyle is very similar to the actor playing the same character in Shine or Go Crazy.

      • Great. They have to ruin his pretty face with a scar. Let’s see whats up with that plot of the story.

      • Just wow! If none of the prince is marry in this K-version, then I don’t think I will be able to stand it at all because without those other wives, how would Ruoxi even have a problem in the beginning of the story. Not only that, but, those wives, especially 8th’s Difujin, played quite a big role at the end.

      • On another forum, it was reported that Park Shi-eun (Hold My Hand) has been cast Kang Haneul’s wife, so 8th is definitely married.

  3. IU’s costume is so pretty! Makes her glow. Of course Lee Jun ki just have to sit and stare and still be pretty hot! I dt like the side hair thingy but as long as I can still see Jun ki pretty face, I’m all for it!

  4. Even though I have not watched the drama yet. I’m kinda disappointed in the clothing & hair. I was hoping that the taste was more like Empress Ki….. As in the style. I’m not gonna judge the acting yet, because I have not seen it. And won’t turn my head away, unless I watch at least one episode of it. And after a couple of episodes is when I will know if it is worth it. All I need to know is if they will keep to the original script, THAT is the important thing I’m worried about in this drama. Overall I’m ready! *I Love BBJX*

    • I don’t think the style will be like Empress Ki because EK was set more than 300 years later in China’s Yuan Dynasty era, and they were wearing Chinese/Mongolian-style costumes since the drama was “located” mainly in China rather than in Goryeo. It’s more likely the style of clothing & hair will be similar to those in the drama Shine Or Go Crazy which is set in the same era as BBJX-Ryeo.

  5. I love BBJX and Nicky Wu as the 4th Prince and Liu Shi Shi as Ruo Xi.I normally avoid remakes for dramas that I love. As LJK is taking the role of 4th Prince in the K – BBJX, I will watch the initial episodes before deciding to continue or not. I just hope for a less heart-aching, heart-breaking ending.

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