Park Shin Hye, Sooyoung, and Yuri Attend College Graduation to Receive Diplomas

The lovely young ladies, not exactly college age anymore, just graduated from Chung An University with tons of fan and media coverage present. Park Shin Hye and Sooyoung and Yuri of SNSD were on hand to receive their college diplomas after a much longer matriculation than most students due to their periodic sabbaticals for acting or singing projects. At least they finished is my motto, plus getting college degrees isn’t all that necessary to succeed in their professions to begin with. The ladies are dressed a tad too somber for a graduation, at least where I’m from, but it’s classy and professional so kudos on being appropriate. Love the varying hair colors on all three even more. Congrats and now back to the regularly scheduled programming of their respective star careers.


Park Shin Hye, Sooyoung, and Yuri Attend College Graduation to Receive Diplomas — 14 Comments

  1. Wow, I’ve always loved Park Shin-hye’s beauty and style, but seeing Soo-young in the pics above made me go, “why so pretty?” I like Shin-hye’s jeans and heels, but I’m digging Soo-young’s outfit and hairstyle so much more.

    123(Also, Soo-young has that glow. I forgot that she’s dating Jung Kyung-ho and that they’re still going strong unlike the other SNSD members who’ve broken up already)

  2. Congrats young ladies!! Park Shin Hye sure loved by korean. Love her. Soo Young’s outfit is the best but isn’t it too cold? Anyway, she looks so pretty in that outfit. Yuri too. Isn’t it Yuna (the last picture?)

  3. Congratulations to them on graduation!
    Admirable to keep pursuing studies alongwith a full time profession….
    Hats off to them and all who accomplish that… πŸ™‚

    College degrees are not just to gain a profession……education broadens ones horizon in ways that one does not even realize . It enriches ones personality in multiple ways……how one percieves life, events and things.
    So, yes kudos to all three!

  4. Park shin hye Congratulations girl seriously you are glowing I love you .
    You deserve it girl I miss you and I wish you will come back soon with mature projects be happy healthy :*

  5. Not familiar with Snsd girls so no comment but as an actress you need life outside of being a star to gain better knowledge of normal life. After all you are acting out normal people in TV or films. Being surrounded by managers constantly ain’t gonna be good. Congratulations Shin Hye! Well done!

  6. Did they actually attend classes? I read an article about celebrities not attending classes but still getting a diploma. Kind of like they already had a career, so technically they didn’t need to attend like the rest. So I was just wondering if they actually went to college

    • Lateeee reaction but yes, I read an interview before about yuri being pressured to attend and do well in her classes because sooyoung made a reputation for snsd to be good students.

  7. Many people have met shinhye said photos don’t do her beauty justice…
    And anyway congrats to all the girls.
    Hopefully this means more works for shinhye

  8. Park Shin Hye not only attend her class, she is a diligent ‘ghost student’, who get good grade GPA 3+ In her exam.
    Percentage Grades
    89–96 2λ“±κΈ‰ / Grade 2
    77–89 3λ“±κΈ‰ / Grade 3

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