Rain and Oh Yeon Seo are Charismatic in Character Posters for Please Come Back Ahjussi

With Valentine’s Day over and done with, that means it’s mid-February already and rounding the corner into┬áthe final stretch of promotions for the two big K-dramas premiering at the end of the month. SBS is keeping the pace for Please Come Back Ahjusshi, starting this week off with clean character posters that work not because of artistic styling but on the strength of the main leads bringing the characters to life against a simple white backdrop. Rain looks dashing and confident while Oh Yeon Seo is super badass and take no prisoners with her finger crook. Then there is schebby nice guy Kim In Kwon, his sweet wife Lee Min Jung, tough guy Kim Soo Ro, and sexy Honey Lee. The aesthetics are nothing to write home about but the two leads are charismatic enough to keep me excited.


Rain and Oh Yeon Seo are Charismatic in Character Posters for Please Come Back Ahjussi — 8 Comments

  1. I heard the title has been changed again what’s the point of keep changing just stick to one. so now its called come back alive just hope the drama turns out to be good just loved the teaser and the cast are amazing especially rain will be in this drama it makes me more excited.

      • I’m not sure But I think its actual Korean one if u go on SBS Facebook they posted the drunken scene pictures about 9 hours ago it says there the title name “come back alive” plus I read a article that said before the press conference on the 19 Feb the title name will be changed to Come back alive don’t know why they keep changing it just stick to one.

  2. Oh yeon seo looks so hot.. She is def the best from all of these teasers and pictures.
    Lee min jung forever stays the same with that expression and hairstyle.
    Honey lee is so really beautiful too. It’s just that she seems to be doing something to her face that seems a bit off

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