Ji Sung and Park Bo Gum in Talks for Upcoming SBS Drama Entertainer

Kyaaaaa, such perfect timing to drop an exhilarating drama casting news to get over the midweek hump. Breaking news is even better in twos, especially if it involves two of my fave actors. Ji Sung and Park Bo Gum are in talks for upcoming SBS drama Entertainer. Ji Sung and Park Bo Gum, now I need to pinch myself. The Korean title is Ttanttara, which is a slang term used to describe actors and singers in a way to denigrate the profession stemming from the olden days when entertainment was considered low class.

This drama is described as the story of a band assembled for comedic effect and in the process becomes the real deal and succeeds. Ji Sung is in talks for the male lead, a manager at an agency, while Park Bo Gum will be playing one of the musicians. I’m not sure if the drama is slated for Wed-Thurs to follow Please Come Back Ahjusshi, or further out on Mon-Tues after Daebak (Jackpot), It almost doesn’t matter to me, all I can see are hearts shooting out of my eyes at the thought of the drama return of Ji Sung and the pairing with breakout actor Park Bo Gum.

All that’s revealed about the production is that the screenwriter will be Yoo Young Ah, who adapted Pretty Boy (Bel Ami) from the original manhwa, but has way more movie credits under her belt with Brother (currently filming), My Paparotti, No Breathing, and was one of the group of writers who did Miracle in Cell No 7. I refuse to douse myself with cold water this early so remain super duper excited at the prospect of this drama even with a writer who did one so-so drama under her belt. Park Bo Gum! Return of Ji Sung after Kill Me Heal Me! *throws confetti*


Ji Sung and Park Bo Gum in Talks for Upcoming SBS Drama Entertainer — 11 Comments

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