Descendants of the Sun Special Episode Dominates Wed Ratings with 17.7% and Entertainer Premieres with 6.1%

I thought the Descendants of the Sun ratings gravy train was over for KBS but apparently not. The production team and network wisely elected not to extend DotS, not that it was realistically even possible anyways since it was fully pre-produced, but still that was a major relief for those watching along. That meant DotS aired it’s final episode 16 last week and I thought this week would premiere Master: God of Noodles opposite the new SBS offering Entertainer.

Instead KBS chose to air God of Noodles next week and this week will present two special episodes of DotS including interviews, behind-the-scenes tidbits, and potentially even unaired scenes. That turned out to be a savvy move by the network even if it feels like overly milking a cow – the ratings for Wednesday April 20th are out and the special episode of DotS garnered 17.7% AGB nationwide ratings, Goodbye Mr. Black on MBC doubled its last week ratings to reach 8.1%, and newcomer Entertainer brought up the rear with its first episode receiving 6.2% ratings. Continue reading