Poster Battle of Descendants of the Sun and Please Come Back Ahjusshi

The K-media is starting to write articles about the head-to-head competition next week of two high profile K-dramas. Descendants of the Sun and Please Come Back Ahjusshi would be fodder for competition simply by airing on the same Wed-Thurs time slot around the same time, the fact that it premieres on the same day rather than one or two weeks apart makes the anticipation higher to see a convincing winner right out of the gate. No one knows which drama is better qualitatively, or for that matter which one will appeal to the current audience appetite.

Both KBS and SBS have been doing solid ratings for that time slot, Remember (Son’s War) was the winner over The Merchant: Gaekju 2015 but Merchant’s ratings were decent in and of itself.  Without seeing the dramas yet, the official drama posters are out for both shows and can be viewed and assessed independently, and on that platform I give the win to Ahjusshi for doing creative and funny posters which highlight the main drama premise in one glance – dead dudes get second chance in hottie bodies, comedy and tears to ensue. I don’t dislike DotS posters but it’s so unimaginatively slapped together, it actually makes me miss the Heirs posters lol, at least those unabashedly showcased the shallow pretty.

Which set of drama posters do you all like better? And for that matter – which drama will you press watch first? It’s wonderful to be overseas and not have to really pick since I’m planning to watch both, it’s really a question of which one first.


Poster Battle of Descendants of the Sun and Please Come Back Ahjusshi — 39 Comments

  1. Ahjusshi looks more fun to me. The subject matter is also more mindless and entertaining while DoTS feels like more of an effort to watch.

  2. I will choose DotS, because I don’t like most of the Actors of PcbA and the storyline is not good enough for me to watch it beside the Actors.

  3. Full Disclosure: I’m watching them both. I think Ahjusshi posters are much more creative, but I think DOS is going to win the ratings battle. The Songs plus the very popular writer equals a success regardless of the quality. I think if Ahjusshi can work it’s way into 7 to 9 percent range, I’d call it a win.

  4. Well, I was going to give DotS a chance after watching the MV of Always. Then, I found out it will be on VikiPass exclusively. So, I guess that chance is now kaput.

    Rains drama is just like any other romantic comedy out there, so I will pass on it for now.

    • Well… you can still watch it, just waaay later. :/ it’s only exclusive to VikiPass for two weeks. So after that everyone will be able to watch it. Meaning the first episode will be publicly available on Viki on March 9th. The question is whether KBSWorld and their subs won’t be quicker (since the first ep airs March 2nd on KBSWorld and sometimes they upload their stuff to YT).

      I actually don’t think it’ll be on DramaFever, Viki is claiming to have an EXCLUSIVE license over it for Europe, the Americas and the Middle East, which would mean no DOTS on DramaFever or Hulu. Which also makes me wonder if YT will have the KBSWorld Uploads blocked for those countries.

  5. I’m anticipating Comeback more than DotS. DotS seems like a big snoozefest with a assholish hero and absent heroine, just like every KES’ drama while Comeback looks very promising and funny.

  6. I’m watching Come Back Ahjussi and Mr Black because Oh Yeon Seo and Moon Chae Won Re my favourites but i’m betting DOTS is the winner rating wise.
    The writer always knows how to write those romance that women want and Song Joong Ki is def the viewers fave.

  7. Who the hell created DOTS poster? With such high budget and they just cropped and paste?
    Both dramas look promising and Ahjussi teasers are full of fun as well

  8. the only reason for watching dots is kim ji won and the bonus…. song joong ki is looking hot!? not a fan of writer though but I am giving this drama a chance.
    not a fan of bi and the rest of ahjusshi team. sorry.
    I think dots will win the rating war as Bi last drama was a big flop besides people are looking forward to 1st project form sjk after his enlistment.

  9. “I give the win to Ahjusshi for doing creative and funny posters which highlight the main drama premise in one glance.”

    This. I love Joong Ki but I’d watch Ahjusshi over DoTS. DoTS’ poster is pretty(as with everything that is related to it) and good job to them for utilizing all the pretty well but it feels like the warzone etc will only be a backdrop to this melo-romance(not to mention probably cheesy). I’ll still watch it and I think it’ll get better ratings but I’d watch Ahjussi if I were in Korea.

  10. Song Hye Kyo doesn’t has a leg to pull the audience, who is the artist so shallow to do that-just use her face enough already.

  11. CBA will not even break the 10% mark. the drama will be lucky to even hit 9%. all BI drama blow. he sux at acting.

    my vote go to DOTS it SJK comeback drama after all. u just know there going to be lot of viwer who going to turn in to watch his drama after
    4 year from dramaland.

    • Wow you must be a fortune teller. What else can you predict?
      Well even with low rating i’m only hoping the drama will be good as it comes from 200 pounds beauty writer.

      • LOL fortune teller but your right I think Korean rating are weird cause whenever theres a good that deserves good rating but it ends up with shit rating there are a lot of dramas out there that were really loved over seas but in Korea a flop any ways if I have to choose it will be come back mister from the posters to teaser they did a amazing job.

  12. DoTS will most likely keep consistent theme throughout while Come Back will most likely start out silly and fun and then get bogged down by melo with no comedy in sight in the mid to latter half. The writer does have a sentimental angle with the death/afterlife aspect so hopefully the drama presents a meaningful message about life successfully.

    I’ll be watching both since they are so different. Hopefully they are both good, it’s always what’s most important anyway. Yong Pal is a good reminder of that.

  13. Ahjussi appeal to me more because of the female casts and the veteran actors.
    Kim eun sook loves asshole male lead and heroine who needs protection but swoon worthy. It will have the highest rating tho ikr.

  14. DotS will get higher ratings in Korea most probably. I’ll be watching the first 2 episodes of both shows even if I prefer Come Back Ahjusshi’s story. You never know if DotS’ writer will write a decent story this time around even if that trying-to-be-epic poster is really bad.

  15. Will Korea’s love affair with Kim Eun Sook continue or end with DotS?

    I don’t really care about the posters because they aren’t always indicative of drama quality. DotS’ teasers though were so boring. Everything about it screams pretty but vacant.

    It’s hard to predict if Ahjussi will be as funny as it looked in the teasers or run out of laughs. I am most piqued about Goodbye Mr Black, that could be the dark horse.

  16. I will try watching both dramas. I will check Dots for the writer and SJK, not matter how others might dislike her I loved her previous works such as Secret Garden, Gentleman’s Dignity and City Hall so I hope this will also be good. As for CBA, although premise sounds interesting i’m not so hyped about it mostly because there wasn’t even one drama with Rain that I watched and liked, I disliked all of them, but I love Kim Soo Ro I will try watching it for him.

  17. Dots will win the rating battle in this time a lot hands down. Songs plus KES spells win win win. I don’t really think PCBA has any chance against them. I personally will watch PCBA but I am also realistic about ratings. I think dots will be well over 10% maybe like 15% or higher and if PCBA can get 7 to 8%, I think that’s pretty good already. I hoping for at least 9% but I highly doubt that on average. Maybe they will wow me. I think it will be more in 6-7% range. I hope I am wrong. 🙂 I lean more towards rom com but we shall see how both storylines go. Also there is a third drama so… We shall see.

  18. Please Come Back Ahjusshi seems more appealing to me. DotS is actually not my cup of tea, but there is SongSong couple, so I’d at least give it a shot.

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