The Bromance of Hu Ge and Wallace Huo Showcased in Snowy Bazaar Chinese Pictorial


This recent C-ent awards season was all about the bromance of Hu Ge and Wallace Huo. Thanks to both having spectacular C-drama successes in 2015, it was easy to fete each individually while enjoying their camaraderie during the awards show circuit. Hu Ge won various recognition for The Disguiser and Nirvana in Fire while Wallace had the dual successes of Journey of Flower and Love Me if You Dare. They’ve been good friends since Chinese Paladin 3 and now would be a good time to find a great starring vehicle for both to co-lead in interesting roles. Harper’s Bazaar China has them on the cover and inside pages in a fun snowy spread, equal parts playful and ruggedly broody.




The Bromance of Hu Ge and Wallace Huo Showcased in Snowy Bazaar Chinese Pictorial — 23 Comments

  1. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. My heart is too weak for this Q__Q. Now I just need them to star in a drama again.

  2. Jing and Zhuan Xu in Lost You Forever will be great for them to showcase their talents.
    Please, DRAMA GOD make it happen…

  3. I want That magazine! 2 good looking and very manly guys. How did the magazine get both of them for a photo shoot. I really like both actors.

  4. Whoa….. Hu ge + wallace = panty drop… Hotness overload with sizzle poppin…. Can I get these two guys in a romance thriller action or something…

  5. Oh dear lord they’re fine! I mean, I love them both individually but together? EEEEEEE! I so have a new background pic for my phone!

  6. Bf, you know you’re the man of my life but please let me stare at that black-and-white pic of these two gorgeous men for a couple of…years. Just remember to occasionally mop my drooling! 😉
    For ever yours..! *whispering to my two love affairs*

  7. so much prettiness and hotness! I love Wallace as an actor, so talented and really handsome too! He also has a very unique personality. Hu Ge is awesome too! Thank you for sharing the photo spread!

  8. Currently marathoning through love me if you dare, one of the best Asian dramas I’ve watched along with Nirvana in Fire. Nice to know the bromance between two best actors. These two hotties have redeemed me from boring k dramaland.

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