Six Times Fashion Fail as Popular K-stars Attend Eclectic Gentle Monster Runway Show


It’s quite the ensemble of fashion fail that gathered in Seoul this week for the 2016 collection from brand Gentle Monster. Some may love the eclectic looks but every single major star in attendance crossed that fine line between fashionably kooky and fashionably silly. Sadly it’s all stars I like so I couldn’t help but cringe and keep on clicking for more pictures. Ji Sung with the chapeau looked like one of the personalities from Kill Me Heal Me, the actresses Gong Hyo Jin, Lee Da Hae, and Lee Yeon Hee managed to dim their star aura and beauty shoved in unappealing ensembles, Ji Chang Wook is back from filming in China and I wonder if he left his taste back there, and even model born Joo Ji Hoon couldn’t pull off that fuddy duddy outfit. I can’t decide if the three ladies or three men collectively failed more in a direct showdown. With offbeat styles like Gentle Monster, the only way to wear it is as a contrast piece, going head-to-toe is courting visual disaster as seen here.


Six Times Fashion Fail as Popular K-stars Attend Eclectic Gentle Monster Runway Show — 22 Comments

  1. Maybe there is something wrong with me? But I liked most of these looks besides LDH’s mess. I didn’t even recognize LYH the outfit makes her look like an ahjumma it had potential but just not her. And I have no particular thought/opinion on JCW who just looks basic for a fashion event.
    I absolutely loved JJH’s fitted look and GHJ’s retro look minus the denim jacket. I also like Jisung’s look too, it’s a nice change from what I normally see him in. Hopefully he makes it his signature look but less dramatized. Like maybe either no shades or no hat.

  2. Actually I like LDH’s outfit without the Ruffles. She looks great in the bottom picture. Like the comment above me said. Fun and retro.

  3. they look great, just not with the usual clean cut fashion. their outfits are interesting and considering that this event is for the eyewear brand that’s known for an offbeat edgy look, i think everyone hit the mark. 90s inspired fashion might seem old fashioned and frumpy to some, but it’s coming back in a big way and i think these outfits showcase that perfectly.

  4. I think GHJ could’ve chosen a different shirt and LYH could lose the red socks, but I don’t hate their overall look. Everyone looks great. Gentle Monster is pretty eclectic as a brand so I think they’re dressed appropriately. It’s a breath of fresh air from the monochromatic colors most Korean stars wear.

  5. I honestly don’t see anything wrong in Ji Sung’s outfit? It’s a regular T with grey coat, nice shoes and a hat. Like… There’s nothing weird about it whatsoever. Everyone else is a mess tho. LDH maybe being passable. When’s she coming back to dramas anyway? It’s been a while since Hotel King.

    • Agreed, only May be Ji Sung should loose the hat.. But besides that, it’s pretty normal. I think if Gong Hyo Jin lost the jacket, it wouldn’t clash so much….

  6. Eclectic sunglasses has to match eclectic outfit. They all look good in that sence. JS opps’a hat (rim only) could have been a bit shorter tho but then again would be hard to find cowboy hat in Seoul ??

  7. I didn’t think LDH’s outfit would look that horrid if it weren’t for those ruffles attached to the side of the pants. She still looks classy tough.

  8. I think LDH and Ji Sung look good. The only one who looks really terrible is LYH. I wouldn’t wear any of it of course. Except the Star Wars t-shirt.

  9. Not sure if Koala is a fashion person or not so her ‘fashion fail’ comment is only up to her own standards. These actors look fine especially GHJ. Nothing wrong with some kookiness in a fashion event..obviously Koala is not following the runway trends or street styles at NYFW etc. Those are even crazier.

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